Yuan-ti (a.k.a. serpentfolk, serpent people, serpent men, snake people, snake men) are sinuous humanoid creatures with the heads and tails of snakes and wickedly taloned hands and feet. Their bodies are covered in fine, serpentine scales. They are approximately human-sized in height, but usually weigh only 120 pounds, while degenerate serpentfolk are shorter and heavier.

Serpentfolk are a monstrous humanoid, native to caverns deep within the earth. Thought to be extinct, until just recently, these reptile men can see well in complete darkness, and have a keen sense of smell.

All snake-men bear a poisonous bite, are immune to poison, paralysis and mind-affecting effects. Due to their deep racial arcane knowledge, all serpent-men have resistance to spells.

Yuan-to are broken into two castes. The warrior caste are the physically stronger and agile, with thicker skin and highly perceptive. The noble class all have spell-like abilities, and usually are spellcasters.


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