Serpent Skull

Into the Serpent's Mouth

...along with some looting and scheming...

  • group returned to the graveyard they visited so long ago, to loot the tombs of the Azlanti heroes. While Krylyk was not against taking the items from the top of the tombs, he was very much against opening the tombs and desecrating the bodies.
  • group plots a distraction to allow Vedavrex access to the cellblock. She gets in and is seen from no more. Ixon irritated at Jelpair
  • Group borrows undead bats from urdefhan and rides them into the mouth of the snake fortress, surprising an officer and killing him quickly.
  • determine he was using a magical device composed of a mithral-glass alloy lens to project his telepathic thoughts most likely to the yuan-ti temple.
  • group moves into a temple area where they fight a ghol; an aberration consisting of a floating mass of snake heads and tentacles.
  • group does not know if the fortress is on alert from their initial assault of the yuan-ti officer.



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