Serpent Skull

Fortress of the Serpent

TRANSLATION: OK let me see if I can summarize this on my drive home. Please forgive any spelling mistakes, as I am dictating this.

In front of the postern gate that you entered from was a guard post. You could see six or seven serpents in there. Six of them in breastplates and one in half-plate.

Lem snuck up to the entrance while Jelpair dropped haste, Krylyk dropped protection from evil and Garion dropped flamestrike. They came out to see what was going on and Brad drops obsidian strike, Garion rains down flame strikes. Nothing subtle about this. After killing off a couple, two more officers in plate came around the corner and started shooting.

Lem and the drow tubmled in to attack one of the officers, while Jelpair opened a pit, sending one to its death.

Behind the guardhouse was a barracks, officers quarters and an armory, with some magic arrows. Garrion, with his tremorsense, noticed a natural cavern behind the back wall.

He investigated. It was a large natural cavern with a couple doors in it and four serpent guards.
No way to get the rest of the group in there, so Garion returns to the party. They moved out into the main corridor and started to look around. Lem and Garion noticed arrow slits on one of the walls . Garion checked with tremor sense and noticed there were more rooms, and a long corridor where the arrow slits look out from. In the corridor were six snakes.

They literally took about 40 minutes discussing what to do. At this point, to make it interesting, I had a patrol show up. [They heard it coming and hid in a storeroom] They found the dead bodies. Garion said they had to take out the patrol quick before they sound the alarm.
Combat ensued. Spirit nagas tossing fireballs and turning invisbile left and right, while serpents shot from the safety of the arrow slits.

Garion summoned 4 swarms and sent them to deal with the snakes. Summoned a manticore, which the nagas charmed. One naga got away.

Wow, that didn’t work well at all…lol



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