Serpent Skull

In the Dungeon of the Serpent Warriors
  • ambush a patrol
  • set off alarm
  • hide in rope trick, patrols of 9 yuan-ti pass by every half hour or so
  • Garion scouts out entire fortress withing the walls as an earth elemental
  • hole up in a rope trick in a storage room. Rest.
  • decide to teleport down to the natural cavern where the warded area is.
  • do so, and pretty quickly kill 8 guards, after sealing stairs up with a wall of stone.
  • Garrion gets lost in a wall
  • explore further, hear cries of pain and smell burning flesh.
  • Lem sneaks up to a partially opened door and see who she thinks is Kline strapped down to a rack, bleeding, his flesh burned.
  • Lem opens the door a bit more to get a better view of the room and gets hit by something she cannot see.
Down the Gullet
the trouble with thaumatergists...
  • move down the throat
  • discover an abandoned priest’s quarters
  • find some magical incense, unholy water and a set of illumined scrolls, but cannot read them
  • further down the passage are a bed chamber and a guardpost.
  • fight ensues with guards, but they are taken down quickly
  • Enter the smaller room, personal quarters with a bed, desk and bookshelf
  • While they examine the room, Jelpair examines a magical book, and gets encased in magical amber
  • and then the bookshelf swings open revealing a secret door and a yuan-ti wizard.
  • fight ensues, tentacles erupt from the floor. Morley is held. Lem is made an unwilling recipient of half the yuan-ti’s wounds, pits opening, girallon bridges, army ant swarms, and then the yuan-ti disappeared
Into the Serpent's Mouth
...along with some looting and scheming...
  • group returned to the graveyard they visited so long ago, to loot the tombs of the Azlanti heroes. While Krylyk was not against taking the items from the top of the tombs, he was very much against opening the tombs and desecrating the bodies.
  • group plots a distraction to allow Vedavrex access to the cellblock. She gets in and is seen from no more. Ixon irritated at Jelpair
  • Group borrows undead bats from urdefhan and rides them into the mouth of the snake fortress, surprising an officer and killing him quickly.
  • determine he was using a magical device composed of a mithral-glass alloy lens to project his telepathic thoughts most likely to the yuan-ti temple.
  • group moves into a temple area where they fight a ghol; an aberration consisting of a floating mass of snake heads and tentacles.
  • group does not know if the fortress is on alert from their initial assault of the yuan-ti officer.
The Betrayer's Tongue
  • fight 2 serpentfolk and the trator Urdefhan, Belkor
  • decide to leave and rest up
  • while riding on the back of Garrion the Elasmosaurus, they see something approaching in the water. Abandoning the dinosaur boat ride for flying, Garion is eaten buy the giant sea serpent; Ydersius Thalasic Daughter. Jelpair disintegrates most of the creature, allowing Garrion to shapeshift into n ankylosaurus and burst out of the creature’s gut.
  • regrouping on shore, the group makes their way by foot along the fungus forest, spotting many dangerous varieties of molds and fungus, as well as 20’ tall giants with split forearms. Decide to avoid.
  • camp in some ruins, camouflaged with giant mushrooms. Eventful night has a troupe of Morlocks arrive as well as a Vermlek, both of which do not notice the party and go about their business.
  • Get back to Izon’s palace. Give him the gear. Barter for a ring of protection.
Fortress of the Serpent

TRANSLATION: OK let me see if I can summarize this on my drive home. Please forgive any spelling mistakes, as I am dictating this.

In front of the postern gate that you entered from was a guard post. You could see six or seven serpents in there. Six of them in breastplates and one in half-plate.

Lem snuck up to the entrance while Jelpair dropped haste, Krylyk dropped protection from evil and Garion dropped flamestrike. They came out to see what was going on and Brad drops obsidian strike, Garion rains down flame strikes. Nothing subtle about this. After killing off a couple, two more officers in plate came around the corner and started shooting.

Lem and the drow tubmled in to attack one of the officers, while Jelpair opened a pit, sending one to its death.

Behind the guardhouse was a barracks, officers quarters and an armory, with some magic arrows. Garrion, with his tremorsense, noticed a natural cavern behind the back wall.

He investigated. It was a large natural cavern with a couple doors in it and four serpent guards.
No way to get the rest of the group in there, so Garion returns to the party. They moved out into the main corridor and started to look around. Lem and Garion noticed arrow slits on one of the walls . Garion checked with tremor sense and noticed there were more rooms, and a long corridor where the arrow slits look out from. In the corridor were six snakes.

They literally took about 40 minutes discussing what to do. At this point, to make it interesting, I had a patrol show up. [They heard it coming and hid in a storeroom] They found the dead bodies. Garion said they had to take out the patrol quick before they sound the alarm.
Combat ensued. Spirit nagas tossing fireballs and turning invisbile left and right, while serpents shot from the safety of the arrow slits.

Garion summoned 4 swarms and sent them to deal with the snakes. Summoned a manticore, which the nagas charmed. One naga got away.

Wow, that didn’t work well at all…lol

In the Court of the Vampire Prince
  • Head over to urdefhan territory
  • Run afoul of some undead
  • call attention to themselves
  • get taken to urdefhan palace. Lots of demons.
  • get info on Kline from urdefhan lord, Izon.
  • agree to find urdefhan traitor, kill him and bring back his gear.
  • get subcontracted by a drow assassin to cause a disruption in the urdefhan stronghold. As payment, she will join you in your excursion into the serpentfolk fortress.
  • get into the fortress through the postern gate, leaving a bat-shaped hole in the bars.
Dag and Cloaker
  • Take out alchemical golems, morlock escapes
  • Meet Udarra and her morlocks. Decide to round up the rest and house them in the Serpent Gate
  • While investigating Gate, Garrion rouses a group of cloakers. who follow the druid back to the group.
    *Thekola the morlock is decapitated.
  • The group successfully drives off the cloakers
  • and then clear them out of the Serpent Gate, allowing Udarra and the Morlocks a defensible place if Ixolan and his intellect devourer possessed warriors decide to come back.
That's Morlock It
or Is that an Intellect Devourer in your Skull or are you Just Happy to See Me?
  1. Take refuge on a ledge in a deserted part of the cavern behind a really large building. Juliver says it looks a lot like the building that she, Eando and the rest of their group entered here from. If it is, there is a stair in the center going down deeper into Khyber.
  2. During the night they are beset upon by a wandering bebilith, which rends Juliver into many piles of flesh and offal.
  3. Take some time to surveil the morlock stronghold and their patrols.
  4. decide that Krylyk will run in invisible and shoot them all dead
  5. doesn’t go that smoothly
Descent into the Depths of Khyber
  • activate gate in first vault
  • fight gigundous spiders
  • fight warforged juggernauts
  • discuss best path forward
Reincarnations and Revelations
  • Garrion reincarnated as a gnome
  • the buying of the gear
  • Krylyk’s visions and dreams
  • ‘sneaking’ into the lair of the Mokele-mbembe

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