Serpent Skull

The Journal of Silas Velbur - Tazion
18-21 Aryth, 998

Aryth 18- Today is our 9th day on the trail, the main group will be leaving Farshore tomorrow and we are only a day away from where I think Tazion is. We decide today that we will continue to travel by night tonight even though we will have to enter the Screaming Jungle again halfway through the night and finish the nights travel in the jungle. After talking to the group we did also decide to go straight to Tazion and not to check out the Temple of the Jaguar, which is about a half a day’s journey out of the way. I am excited about the prospect of finding Tazion tomorrow morning and am hoping that tonight’s travel will be safe!

Aryth 19 – After a full day’s sleep, we entered the screaming jungle [sic] this evening. Not to far into the jungle we realize why the jungle has been named that. The monkeys are extremely loud and annoying, not to mention the birds, bats and too many different insect to name! Our travel tonight is uneventful besides the noise. As the sun started rising above the trees, we entered a clearing with a stream running through with four Olman women near the far shore of the stream. They offer to feed us and talk to us about the area.

Zakea [sic] is their leader or at least it seems like she is. She sits with the group as the other three seem to do most of the work around the site to prepare the food for us. Zakea tells us that they are Zeng [sic] Spirit Dancers, which does make sense as to why they would be so far away from any settlements. After spending a little bit of time talking with them and watching how they are acting a couple of us notices that the other three women are acting strangely almost as if they are charmed. So I try and cast detect magic in a way as to not draw any unwanted attention, to see if that was the case. Unfortunately I am not as sneaky or nonchalant as I would have like to have been. Zakea [sic] is obviously upset at my doing so, and as a result she decides to show us what she really is. Zakea [sic] was a Succubus!! The group jumped right up and into action extremely quick. Tonk andIouan both engage her in melee while Krylyk peppers her with his usual volley of arrows. Their attacks do not seem to be affecting her like they should be though, so when it is my go at her I decide to try to use the Monkey Head Idol that the Rakasta tribe had given us a few days earlier, hoping that what they told me was true about that idol. I stepped forward and stuck her with it. She let out a scream of pain mixed with disbelief and was banished right back to the Abyss where she belonged. The Rakasta tribe was right thank the Gods!!

With Zakea [sic] gone the other three woke up out of her enchantment and offered to dance for us as our reward. Their dancing was amazing, and afterward they offered to perform a ritual tattooing of our spirit totems on each of us. After receiving our tattoos we rest for the remainder of the day, some of us actually rest while a couple of us enjoy the companionship of the beautiful young Olman women!

Just before nightfall Tonk climbs one of the taller trees to take a look around and see how far the mountains are. He informs us that they are about three miles away, but he also sees that there is a good size clearing of in to the south about seven miles away. After a quick discussion we decide to head for the clearing to the south. We thank the Olman women for their company and head south. After about 6 hours of travelling south we find a wall that seems to go for quite some ways, [[An’ Atl]] turns into an eagle to do some quick reconnaissance on the other side of the wall and when he comes back to us tells us that we have definitely found a large ruined settlement that is surrounded by a wall. With that information we decide that we might be better off resting here until day break. So I cast Rope Trick and up we all went.

Aryth 20- We wake to the sounds of the monkeys again this morning, there are times that I swear I can almost understand them now!Tonk tells us that just before dawn he saw three very large black widow spiders (about the size of horses) climb the wall.

After eating a quick breakfast we start to walk along the wall to see if there are any tracks leading into the ruins. Krylyk actually climbs the wall and walks along the top of it! After a short time traveling east we find a break in the wall but decide to continue our perimeter walk to look and see if there is any evidence that one of the other groups beat us here. Halfway around the wall at it’s southern most point there is another break. However not far from this one there is a three story ziggurat that has Girallon and three Chimpanzees wearing armor on the second level of it. We try very carefully not to be seen as we continue or walk around the perimeter wall. The west side of the wall seems to be engulfed by a tar pit and as we come around to the north almost where we started we find another opening in the wall. As we look for tracks of other expeditions again we notice a trap at this entrance. We continue on our way to where we started and decide that it would probably be best if we scaled the wall and entered Tazion that way. We are able to scale it fairly easily and proceed toward a set of ruins that are not far from the wall.

When we get to the edge of the jungle near the ruins An’Atl saw last night, we discover that there are 6 of the armor wearing chimps here sunning themselves. An’ Atl tells us that they are called Charau-ka, they are an extremely [sic] race of semi-intelligent primates that are native to the area. After a little discussion between the members of the group it was determined that our best course of action was to just attack them as opposed to trying and bargain with them. I am not sure if I agree especially since I have never dealt with them before and I would love to learn more about their culture. With that being said, we took this group totally by surprise as Cam dimension leaped into the middle of them and used his negative energy to damage them all, while the rest of us used missile weapons to quickly defeat them. It was some of the easiest combat we have had in some time; however we did take them totally by surprise. As we looked through their supplies six tentacles came up out of the well and lashed out at Cam. Four of them wear [sic] able to grab him and drag him towards the pit. Cam dimension leapt out of their grasp while the rest of us all jump into the melee attacking different tentacles. Cam took a beating by this 10 tentacle creature, when all of the tentacle either withdrew back down the well or laid there lifeless. Tonk took it upon himself to jump down the pit and make sure the creature was dead. That was not one of Tonk’s best decisions as the well is sixty feet deep. While down the well Tonk finds an old backpack along with a breastplate and scythe. On his way back up the well he also finds a dug out corridor about halfway up. Once Tonk gets finishes his climb to join us, I take the time to check out the gear he found down at the bottom of the well. The scythe is magical, while the breast plate is masterwork. Inside of the backpack we also find two potions of cure serious wounds!

We decide to climb down the well and check to see if that tunnel leads to anything. The tunnel seems to go for an extremely long way heading towards the heart of the ruins (South). After some time we start to smell tar, Krylyk moves out ahead of us to scout out what might be causing the smell. He comes back to us to tell us that up ahead is an intersection that has tar seeping through the ceiling and a large puddle of it covering the floor making it difficult to move through the intersection. Cam uses a stone shape spell across to the center of the intersection so An’ Atl can walk out and look in the three different tunnels. There is tar in all of the tunnels but he see’s an end to the tar in the tunnel heading east so we decide that Tonk could carry us one at a time through the tar to the safety in the eastern tunnel. Most of us get sickened by the smell of the tar but after a while we feel better. We travel east for what seems to be 30 minutes or more only to find that this tunnel starts to slope downward and the floor is covered by a liquid substance. The liquid is water to our relief so we decide to continue through the water. After a while the tunnel opens up to twenty feet across and the waters is almost chest deep, but I can see some light up ahead so we continue on. All of a sudden an extremely large water elemental pops up and engulfs An’Atl. The next round it moves forward and engulfs Krylyk as well. An’Atl morphs into some form of water lizard, which is too large for the elemental to hold and attacks it. Cam and myself both summon earth mephits to fight it. Iouan was the next one of us to be swallowed by this thing, while An’Atl summons a crocodile to help us out. Tonk follows Iouan into the beast and all seems hopeless as our three best fighters are drowning in the belly of this thing. I continue to use my wand of magic missiles against it and the crocodile and mephitis do what they can to help as well. Finally the elemental stops spinning and our companions spill out of it. Krylyk falls unconscious just as we finish off the elemental. We quickly check for treasure before we decide to continue towards the light I saw just before the elemental appeared.

The light is actually the end of the tunnel we come up out of some ruins at the eastern most part of Tazion. We look around a bit and decide to travel through the jungle towards a rock outcropping where there is another group of the Charau-ka sunning themselves. We sneak up on them to the best of our ability after another quick and fairly easy battle we kill all but one and try to question him. He informs us that his leader Ragaruru will eat us all. After a bit of careful interrogation he does tell us that there are more serpentfolk here and that they are in the ziggurat and that as far as he knows none of the other groups have arrived yet. With that information we decide that it is best that we kill him so he doesn’t go and let the rest of the Charau-ka or the serpentfolk know we are here. It has been a difficult day and we decide to go back to the jungle and camp for the evening. I cast rope trick and we all climb up to rest.

Aryth 21 morning entry- As I study for my spells this morning I have a breakthrough and realize that I now understand a couple of new spells that might be helpful to us, Minor Globe of Invulnerability, and Stoneskin. With all of the studying of the ancient Olman language I have been doing I now feel pretty confident that I am fluent in that dead language as well, again I am hoping that this will help us discover everything we need here to find Saventh-Yhi.

With us all rested we climb out of the rope trick cautiously. We would have to be dumb to thank that the two groups of Charau-ka we defeated hadn’t been discovered yet. As we get to the edge of the jungle we spot a group of Charau-ka patrolling by the ruins near the old aqueducts, we watch them head south towards the jungle. After we wait for a couple of minutes we make a dash from our hiding spot in the jungle across the clearing, it is about a 300 foot distance and we tried to be stealthy, however with our group it never seems to work out that way. We made it to the other patch of jungle near the northern most wall, and as far as we can tell we were not spotted. We were able to make our way through this part of the jungle with no issues until we get to the ziggurat that we saw yesterday. We again stay in the jungle and do our best to evaluate our situation. The ziggurat is about 100 feet from the jungle. The Girallon, and three Charau-ka are still guarding the second tier of the ziggurat, and the main entrance is guarded by two Serpentfolk wielding great swords. There is another entrance that we can see that is not guarded as far as we can see but we have to move a little more towards the side to make sure the serpentfolk don’t see us.

An’Atl summons a pony and sends him to the other side of the ziggurat to hopefully distract the guards long enough for us to sneak into the side entrance. It works; the Girallon and Charau-ka all head over to the other side of the ziggurat long enough for us to stealthily enter through the side entrance. One by one we sneak into the room which is little more than an entrance hall with a mosaic floor and ceiling. I start to study the mosaics and notice that the floor depicts the 13 moons of Eberron, which is interesting since there have only been 12 moons for nearly 1000 years or more. The thirteenth moon disappeared when the 13th house was destroyed.

As I was studying Iouan hears something in the next room/hallway and closes his Wayfinder killing the light that I was using to study the mosaics. Krylyk moved through the room to look through the doorway to see a serpentfolk patrolling that hallway, and he thinks he hears another one coming from the other direction in that hall as well. As we all try to hug the wall and stay quite [sic], two serpent folk burst through that entrance way to attack us. These guys are definitely tougher then the Charau-ka we fought yesterday. As we finish them off two more come from that same doorway and I hear something behind us. When I turn to look there are the 2 serpentfolk that were guarding the front entrance coming toward us, so I quickly cast web to close that entrance up, we do not have enough frontline troops to fight on two fronts! That seems to hold them off but I continue to watch that door just to make sure, if they try and break through I can always set the web ablaze. The group kills the second set of serpentfolk just in time for an extremely large serpentfolk to bulrush [sic] his way through the door! I quickly cast enervation on him as Krylyk peppers him with arrows. Tonk, An’Atl, and Iouan enter into melee with him. He was tough! It took a couple of magic missiles along with the rest of the group hitting him to finally down him. However as he falls the two that were trying to enter through the entrance that I cast web on (or at least I assume it was them) jumped in his place. Just as we think it can’t get worse, the Girallon roars from the other side of the webbed doorway, bursting through the webbing. Tonk, and An’Atl were fighting the Serpentfolk, while Cam, Iouan, and Krylyk tried to keep the Girallon and Charau-ka -ka from over taking the rear of the party! It was just so chaotic! Iouan decided halfway through this to attack Cam. The look in his eyes told us he wasn’t in control of himself. I notice multiple Charau-ka -Ka heads peering through the door behind the Girallon as if they were about to climb through the top of the doorway and stay on the ceiling. Cam tried to dispel whatever was affecting Iouan while I decided to cast my fireball of the other side of the door behind the Girallon hoping to catch as many of those Charau-ka as I could. As the situation calmed down somewhat, Krylyk and myself decided to run outside of the hall and there was only one Charau-ka out there and he was climbing on the side of the ziggurat. He attempted to cast feeblemind on me!! I was able to fight it off, thank the Gods!! Obviously this is no ordinaryCharau-ka. The rest of the group funnels out of the entrance hallway just in time to be caught in a lightning bolt cast by him!! We exchange spells back and forth, and Cam actually cast a stone shape on the wall of the ziggurat that incases its feet and traps him on the wall. With that the spell casting Charau-ka just disappears. It was an extremely chaotic combat. As we look about the area quick I realize that there are nowhere near enough dead out here to account for all of the heads I had seen earlier so I must assume that it had used a mirror image spell as well earlier. We decide at that time to grab everything we can from the dead and check out the rest of the ziggurat hoping to find him. I think it is a safe bet that he was not a Charau-ka, and that he was probably a serpentfolk deceiving us much like the original one we ran into at the one temple when we rescued the other castaways a month ago, but that one cast divine spells and this one is casting arcane ones! Here is a list of items we found after the battle:

4 Masterwork Great swords, 1 Large Masterwork Great sword, 2 Masterwork Darkwood clubs (I claimed one), 1 Masterwork Cold Iron Spear/blowgun, 20 Darts, 9 flasks of poison
1 Potion of Cure Light Wounds, 3 Potions of Cure Moderate Wounds We used 2 of them)

After we collected all of that gear we deiced [sic] to do a quick once over through the ziggurat hoping to find that spell casting Charau-ka/ Serpentfolk and finish it off. Unfortunately as we made our way through it we found no sign of him. We did find some other interesting things instead though. On the first level of the ziggurat there was one room that we were unable to enter. It had great bronze double doors that had no hinges or handles to open them with. Cam tried to dimension leap into that area with Iouan and Krylyk but they had no luck the actually ended up on the other side of that room in an adjacent hallway!

The second level of the ziggurat had a couple of rooms on it there was one area that we could not enter here as well it was protected by a cube of force about 20 on each side. We also found a room with a backpack in it. The backpack contained the following:

1 Heavy Gold Statue, 1 Gold Dragon Comb w/ red garnet eyes, 1 Ring of Force Fangs (holds 9 preloaded charges of Magic Missiles), 1 jeweled electrum ring, 3 large gems (Amber, Jet, Star Sapphire) all radiate magic!!

While I was studying the magical auras of the gems I noticed magic radiating from behind a wall. We examined the wall to find a secret compartment in it holding an ancient magical sword that we gave to Iouan.

There was also a journal from the serpentfolk spell caster in the backpack. The journal is written in a language that I am not familiar with so I read one of my scrolls of comprehend languages and started reading through the journal quickly. While I read the journal I found out that it was definitely a Serpentfolk that was casting at us and disappeared. Their name is Isslar and he (?) claims to have been chosen to prepare the way for his kind to find their way home. He has been studying the puzzle that Savinth had left behind and has still not able to figure it out. He talks about how some of his degenerate kin have joined him and that there will be more following soon. He talks about the Idols and the stones that are needed to open the way. And that he has three stones yet there are four idols, and that he has no clue which stone goes to which idol. He cannot tell the stones apart, and because of that he is having difficulty. Lastly he talks about how he has been able to enthrall the Charau-ka, and that he has tasked them with finding the last stone. He has little faith in their ability to do so, but is happy that they at least are able to keep others from disturbing his research. I can only assume that he is extremely unhappy that we have been able to disturb his research and stolen his notes and gems!

We decided to check out the third level of the ziggurat and discovered it held nothing of any worth that we could find. It was obvious that the Charau-ka and Girallon lived up here by the mess that they left behind though.

From the height of the third level we could see a garden on the north side of the ziggurat with four Idols in it all hovering a little of the ground. We all went down to the garden to investigate it. Each of these idols had their hands out like they could be holding a rock of some sort. The Idols also had coloring as well: Purple, Yellow, Silver, and White. With the knowledge we gathered from Isslar’s journal, and also realizing that serpentfolk, much like their slithering kin, are colorblind. We decided to place the Amber gem into the hands of the yellow Idol, it fit perfectly! As soon as we put it in the Statue said “Where night is banished I ride in triumphant glory” Realizing that this is going to be an important part of the puzzle on finding Saventh-Yhi we contemplated trying the other 2 gems into the different idols, but we could detect necromantic auras and decided that if we made the wrong choice there could be a significant penalty that we weren’t willing to pay. So we will find the missing gem before trying any other gems in the idols. That decision has led us to head off towards the Charau-ka’s area in the middle of these ruins. Since we know that they are looking for the gem for the serpentfolk that is our best bet at this time.

Aryth 21 evening entry – It is a sad evening tonight! Iouan laid his life down to help the rest of us escape with our lives. After An’Atl did some reconnaissance for us by flying over the walled in area that the Charau-ka lived in we decided that we could make a good assault on it by climbing over the main wall and attacking a small group of them. It made sense since we figured they would never thank [sic] to watch over the top of the wall. An’Atl and I flew over the wall while the rest of the group (Tonk, Krylyk, Cam, and Iouan). Once the group made it to the top of the wall Cam dimension leapt into an area, and used his ability to channel his negative energy to damage most of the Charau-ka that were there. The rest of us took shots with our different missile weapons from the top of the wall. To our surprise the Charau-ka were quick to react and were able to charge at Cam even though we thought he would have been safe where he was. The tar pits that were scattered throughout the area made it difficult for us as well. One of the Charau-ka had a large pet snake as well and was able to cast some divine spells at us. As the battle slowly started to turn bad for us Iouan, and Tonk climbed down the wall to try and rescue Cam, who was in a very desperate situation being surrounded by a group of Charau-ka. Krylyk continued to fire his bow from above as An’Atl tried to get control of the snake. I summoned three fire elementals to assist us in the fight but there were just too many Charau-ka for us to handle and we decided to retreat. Krylyk covered Tonk, Cam, andIouan as they tried to climb the wall and escape. Tonk made it no problem Cam used his last dimensional leap for the day and made it safely to the other side of the wall, but poor Iouan couldn’t make it up the wall. Every time he grabbed at vines to help himself up the wall they ripped right out of the wall on him. Krylyk had to jump off the wall for his own safety as they Charau-ka started climbing the wall to follow our escape. Iouan tried again to climb the wall but again he pulled out a handful of vines. I commanded the elementals to dive into the tar pits to cover our escape but it wasn’t enough to help Iouan. He screamed for An’Atl and myself to fly away and stopped trying to climb the wall and just started fighting the Charau-ka again. As I looked back over my shoulder all I could see was thick black smoke coming out of the tar pits and I could hear the sound of battle. We waited for a while hoping that we might see him coming towards the jungle that we are hiding in but we haven’t seen him. I fear if the Charau-ka didn’t kill him then maybe the heavy nauseating smoke that bellowed out of the burning tar pits did! While I only knew Iouan for 15 days, I will miss him he was a trusted companion and a brave warrior. I cast rope trick for us to climb up and rest in for the night, and as I look back towards the Charau-ka encampment I realize that setting the tar pits on fire may have helped hide our retreat, it also will be much easier for the other groups to find Tazion now, all they have to do is follow the thick black smoke!

As we started setting up our watch system, we heard a noise outside of the rope trick. There was a female voice calling out my name! We talked through the opening in the rope trick to discover that there was a female elf, named River Song hiding in this section of the jungle in the ruins looking for us. It turns out that she was travelling with Shivayne and the House Thuranni. They have already been here and discovered where Savinth-Yhi is. Shivayne writes me that whenever they tried to draw out a map and show us where it was their markings would disappear, so he left us some clues as to how to discover its location.

Purple – Jet – South
White – Sapphire – North
Silver – Moonstone – West
Yellow – Amber – East

Sun = Flames
Star = Sextant
Circle = Blindfold
Moon = Women

The note also tells us that the serpentfolk spellcaster has 3 of the gems we need and that the Charau-ka has the other. Since we already have taken the three from the Serpentfolk we will have to find the last one tomorrow. We invite Summer up into the rope trick with us and we rest for the evening.

What Has Gone Before
The Journal of Silas Velbur

Sypheros 27 Finally made it to Farshore today. This is the closest thing to civilization as I have seen since we left Q’barra. Many people were surprised at seeing me here, from what I have heard not many people have made the journey by land an unfortunately most of my friends hadn’t! It is hard to believe that I am all that’s left from the group that was hired to escort the ship here. Poor Dillane and Vance didn’t even make it too the Island! A comatose Khatari’ and curious Jelpair are back with the Drow, who promised not to eat them, while Greddark didn’t make it through the mountains. I will have to make some time to inform their families of what has happened to them. I guess I should be happy that Tonk is here with me still I remember finding him on that stranded ship floating out at sea on our way here.

As for my new companions, Xel’ Dren Joined me back at the drow, he seems to be a capable escort and very handy with his knives. Krylyk the half Orc is definitely useful I still am surprised every time he keeps his axe strapped to his back and continues to fire his bow but he is definitely dangerous with that bow. Cam seems to be a capable cleric even though he isn’t as useful as you would expect against undead. Well this is the group I am with now, I just hope they are around longer then the last group!

I informed the Lord Mayor, Manthaley Meravanchi of his sons surprisingly valiant death defending the young boy Tavey. Lavinia Vanderboren was actually with the mayor so was able to deliver the few people left from our original ship to her. She paid me my wages and set up a diner with myself and my companions to tell her about our journey through the jungle. From there we found an inn and I slept in a bed for the first time in what feels like months.

Sypheros 28 Today I bathed !!! How great that felt. I then headed to the House Kunderak and delivered Greddarks key to them. Boral d’Kunderak runs the house in Farshore with a Gnome named Snivin d’Sivis. Boral agreed to return all of the groups belongings to me that had been stored in the vault but it would take a day to do so. I checked out the local tavern where I ran into some old rivlals of sorts the Jade Ravens, Lavinia’s personal adventuring group of sorts Tollen and Liamae were the usual cocky selves, their arrogance gets under my skin!! They still look down at me and my companions. Zan however seemed ok he was actually interested in talking to me, probably only to get information from me about what I have seen on the island but it was nice talking to someone that I knew from before getting to the island. Kaskus was nowhere to be found but Zan said he was out and about in the jungle.

I went to the Library today and asked for several books about lost cities to include Saventh –Yhi but not only about that fabled city. Hoping not to draw too much attention to it. They told me it would take a day to gather all of those books, so I paid for a study room for a week at the library and and went on my way. To meet Nebucadnezzar a fellow wizard and member of the witch wardens.

Neb was at the burial grounds where he takes care of the colony’s dead. He was able to help me get a scroll of Fireball to write into my spellbook. I will not be so unable to deal with swarms again!!

That evening we met with Lavinia and told her about our Journey through the island and the temple that we had to rescue the other castaways from. She was extremely interested, she had heard some of it already it seems that Tavy has been talkative since our arrival here. Lavinia asked for another meeting the next night to talk about our future employment opportunities with her. After dinner we went back to the tavern where Xel’ Dren proceed to drink the barkeep under the table and the rest of the group just seemed to enjoy the evening, except Tonk that is he seems bored whenever we go to the tavern. I noticed Lirith, one of the other castaways talking to an elf. I brought everyone I knew in the establishment and anyone that they were with a drink before I called it an evening.

When the group left the tavern and headed back to the Inn we were met by Lirith and her friend, Shivayne. They told us that they had an offer for us if we were willing to hear them out, of course we were so we went back to the inn and listened to what they had to say. They informed us that they were from the House Thuranni (one of the elven houses, known as entertainers but it is actually a house of espionage). They offered 1000 gp for each of us and 500gp in difficult to acquire (and possibly illegal) items if we were to be advanced scouts for an expedition to find Saventh-Yhi. They also told us to expect other to make similar offers and that if we worked with them they might be able to slow other groups down. (which only seems logical that if we don’t work for them they will try and slow us down!). they are looking for 1 specific item that is said to be their houses first members original weapon.

Aryth 1 Started today by heading to the bank however before I could get there the group heard screams coming from the docks. We ran to see what was happening only to discover 3 large blue Euryptereds attacking the docks. We were able to kill them fairly easily (surprisingly to myself no one else joined in to the combat leaving us to defend the colony). Tonk decided at this time to try and take donations from the people for our services stealing a gnomes hat and holding it out. I returned their hat and apologized. I made it to the bank where Boral d’Kunderak informed me that my companion Greddark failed to charge the group the 10% fee for using the vault and because of that he would have to take that fee out of everything that we had stored in it. You would figure he might waive the fee since without me delivering the key he wouldn’t be able to use the vault but so be it. I also asked Boral if they would be willing to buy our ruby’s that we had found at the temple he said they would and gave me 5 letters each worth 1200gp’s which I gave to each member of the party.

After I left the bank I spent the rest of the day at the library studying some of the books about Saventh-Yhi. Until just before our dinner meeting with Lavina. The group went to Lavinia’s house for dinner, where we met Dargon Etters, they made us an offer similar to what the House Thuranni offered 1000 gp each and a total of 1000gp worth of scrolls and potions. They are representing the following houses: Deneith (basically a mercenary and soldiers house), Cannith (the house of makers), Ghallanda (house of hospitality), Jorasco (house of Halfling house of healing), Sivis (House of scribing), and Vadalis ( house of animal husbandry). As with the group from the previous night we asked to have a couple of days to think about their offer. Through our conversation however they did say that they were representing all of the houses present in Farshore. So they obviously are not aware that house Thuranni has any presence here at this time. They did tell us that if we found items that they wanted they would “negotiate” with us for them to have

After our meeting we went back to the inn where there was a card from Shimmeringglitteringbutterflywings Floral asking us to meet here because she had a proposal for us.

Aryth 2 the next morning we all went to the library to meet with Shimmering…………. (SGBW) a Gnome representing Morgrave University. She also offered to fund us as an advance scouting group to Savnth-Yhi. The university was willing to give us 1500gp each as well magical compasses and some commissions and covering our expedition in the Korranberg Chronicle. After this meeting we asked (SGBW) who else might be contacting us to do this expedition. She told us that the Lord Mayor probably would be as well as the contingent from Lhazaar Principalities. We decided as a group that we wouldn’t be interested in working for the Lhazaar group since they were more like pirates than anything else. From there we went right to the Lord Mayors to let him make his offer. He was surprised to see us but did offer us 1600gp each along with extra guards to travel with us and the possibility of land and titles when we returned.

At this time we sat down as a group to talk about what we thought would be our best bet. We decided that our best bet would be to try and work for two of the groups the house Thuranni and Morgrave University if they would allow it. My reasoning was two fold. First I didn’t like the part about negotiating for items that we had found and second the Jade Ravens have been sitting in their safe little seats with Lavinia long enough for my liking why should I agree to put my life and that of my companions in danger while they sit back with Lavinia and take it easy!

That evening as we spent yet another evening at the tavern, I noticed Lirith with a new female companion. Krylyk notice the new companion as well and he seemed interested in her. I let Lirith know that I need to talk to her. When the group got back to the inn her and Shivayne were waiting for me in my room, I noticed that the clothes that Shivayne was wearing were the same clothes that Lirith’s female friend from the tavern was wearing!! Shivayne could very well be a changeling, like Dillane! We discussed the fact that we would like to work for them as well as Morgrave university and our counter offer was that they did not need to pay us the 1000gp each but that they would still provide the 1000gp total of hard to find and illegal items for us as well as a possible escape route if needed as long as Morgrave University would agree that they could claim their of the historical item dealing with the House! Of course that would mean that they would also not hamper our progress at all and try to slow down any other groups.

Aryth 3 Met with SGBW earlier today at the library and explained the fact that we would like to work for her and Morgrave University and that we had already made arrangements with the House Thuranni that they would not interfere as long as we allowed them to take the artifact that they were looking for! She agreed and is paying each member of the group 1500 gp as well as helping with supplying us with some scrolls and potions, the magical compasses for each of us and an individual to chronicle our expedition! SGBW told us that the main expedition was going to be leaving on 21 Aryth and would like us to leave at least 10 days before the main expedition. I am going to try and not let Lavinia know about our decision for as long as I can.

I spent the rest of the day studying about Saventh-Yhi and trying to figure out its whereabouts. After another long day of studying this is what I have figured out so far:
In ages past, the Olman hero, Savith, led an army to defeat the serpent empire once and for all. After leading her troops on a fierce campaign through the Screaming Jungle in search of the serpentfolk city of Ilmurea, Savith built a small fort in a secluded area a mere stone’s throw from the deep scars in the earth that led to Ilmurea from the surface. Within this stronghold, called Tazion, Savith built a map of the region to plot her final assault on the serpentfolk city. When Savith ultimately perished defeating the serpentfolk god Ydersius, her followers built a city in the jungle above Ilmurea and named it Saventh-Yhi (“Savith’s Grave”) in her honor. With the rise of the city, Tazion waned in importance, though it still stood near one of the entrances to the hidden valley.

Decades later, cultists of Zura, the demon lord of vampires, were banished from Saventh-Yhi for their dangerous beliefs. The carvings in the alcoves of the Temple of Blood are written in Ancient Olman, and tell the history of this particular Zotzilla cult in three stages. They have been transcribed by the serpentfolk priest we killed into her journal in a language I identify, after much research, as Alko, a dialect of Undercommon that is different enough from undercommon to not be easily understandable by those fluent in Undercommon. Your knowledge of languages tells you it is used deep in the

The southern alcove tells of the cult’s genesis in the city of Saventh-Yhi -in the jungle, but is frustratingly vague when it comes to exact details on the legendary city apart from confirming that it was built by Ancient Olmans—this section ends with the cult’s exile from Saventh-Yhi and how they made a dangerous overland journey that ended with them near the shores of a Lake of Blood, which I think is Bloodwater Lake.

The northwestern alcove takes up the story at this point, detailing the cult’s exploration of this island , their discovery and defeat of a large group of serpentfolk who had gone into hiding after the defeat of their kind many years before at Saventh-Yhi, and the creation of this temple. The northeastern alcove plots the cult’s future plans, focusing on how they had hoped to earn the gift of vampirism from Zotzilla by undertaking extensive and vile rituals, and once this gift was theirs, how they planned on making the journey back to Saventh-Yhi to awaken (infect) that city with Zotzilla’s blessing (vampirism). Unfortunately for them, the magical wards surrounding Saventh-Yhi kept them from simply retracing their steps. Thus, they planned to enter the city through Tazion, where they could use Savith’s original magical map to find the “back door” into Saventh-Yhi.

These carvings present a wealth of new information about the Ancient Olman’s presence here, particularly all of the references to the lost city of Saventh-Yhi. Saventh-Yhi is one of the most sought-after lost cities, for legends speak that it was built by the Ancient Olmans. Such a discovery could revolutionize what is known about this ancient empire, and that information alone, properly transcribed and recorded, could be worth thousands.
My research is extremely vague about the location of Saventh-Yhi. I believe this is because of the magical wards around the city.

Aryth 4 -5 I continued to research about Saventh-Yhi and I think I have figured out a theoretical location for Tazion. My research keeps finding a Jaguar temple and Standing Stones in the Screaming Jungle. I have a map and have labeled it with what I think is the right locations. Now that I know this I need to get the group ready to go so we can leave as soon as possible! I would like to get some scrolls to add to my spellbook before we leave. We have 5 days to finish our preparations and be on our way.

Aryth 6 – I was able to purchase the scrolls that I wanted to add to my spellbook today as well as some potions of Remove Disease. Paulo, one of the aides from the library delivered a message to me from SGBW just after lunch. She has asked the group to come and eat with her this evening.

I was able to find everyone in the group except for Tibryn, for our evening with SGBW. When the group arrived we were introduced to a shifter named Iouan. SGBW (Shimmeringglitteringbutteryflywing) told us that Iouan would be a good fit for our group especially since we aren’t sure where Tibryn is. SGBW also gave us our Wayfinders this evening none of them looked the same and they all have a spot for an Ioun stone in them. She explained that if we were lucky enough to find an Ioun that if we place the stone into the socket in the Wayfinder it may unlock other powers from the stone as well as the obvious ones.

Aryth 7- Today I spent the day preparing scrolls for most of the day until Krylyk interrupted me to ask me if I had been here all day!! He explained that someone that looked like me. The individual came in walked up to the bar, ordered a drink took a couple quick sips and walked out! Obviously it wasn’t me we spent some time looking for the assumed changeling that was trying to distract us, and then went back to normal operations even though there was a fisherman that seemed to be watching us Iouan actually sat with the fisherman and talked for some time. Iouan said he (the fisherman) seemed fairly normal except that his glass seemed to empty quicker than he was drinking.

Aryth 8- We spent today finalizing our preparations to leave tomorrow. Cam went and found a Wand of Cure Light Wounds. Krylyk spent most of the day in the tavern, while I went and made sure that we had all of the supplies that we were promised. I think Krylyk is going to miss the tavern quite a bit when we leave tomorrow!

Aryth 9- We split up this morning into two groups to make the canoe trip to the main Island, the first group was Iouan, Tonk and I. The second consisted of Krylyk and Cam. We had hoped that by splitting up people may not have realized we were leaving. We reached Mora safely in about two hours and once Krylyk and Cam caught up with us we departed Mora and traveled by foot to Barrowane, where we were able to find a place to sleep in one of the locals’ huts for the evening. The landscape here is so much more colorful than what I am used to up in Breland, it is alive and vibrant. The natives had some sort of ritual that they preformed tonight as we were getting ready to settle in to sleep, their culture fascinates me.
Aryth 10- this morning we start out early hoping to make it to Tanaroa by midday. It was a quick and uneventful journey we did see some Monkeys and other indigenous creatures but none of them seemed interested in us too much.

When we reached Tanaroa I went to the village’s medicine man to check on T’Challi, she is still in a coma this saddens me as I had hoped that there was something that he could have done to help her. Iouan escorted me there to see her and when we went in to the hut he was horrified to discover that my companion was his wife! He asked me how long had I known her and if I knew where his children were. I had to give him the news that they were killed by Vanthus Vanderboren, whom we were originally hired to help Lavinia find. I also explained to Iouan that T’Challi had told us that Vanthus was a wereboar. I left Iouan with her for a bit while I went to see if any other groups like ours had been seen heading north of the wall recently. The medicine man told me that a group that matched the description of the Jade Ravens went north a day ahead of us. At that time I thought that might be why another me was seen in Farshore, what a better way to get our attention away from the docks then to have us go on a wild changeling chase!! What a fool I can be if that is the case!
After about an hour we regroup and decide it is time to find the Tempest! The locals tell us he has a cave half way up a cliff down the shoreline a ways. They also let us know that he is usually a very unhappy individual, but he does have a fondness for black pearls. On our way to his cave we see a small group of Olman natives with boats on the shore, and when we stop to ask them about the Tempest they show us where his cave is and let us know that they are pearl diving. We unsuccessfully tried to convince them to go out and dive for us and bring us a black pearl. We were hoping that if we bring the Tempest one, he would be more likely to help us. They do however tell us that we can use some of their gear to go out and do it ourselves. After a little bit of discussion we decide that Krylyk and Iouan are probably our best bet at diving for pearls, so the two of them go out and give it a try. After 20 minutes or so they returned with 23 oysters! 22 of them were regular pearls that we donated to the local divers, which seemed to make them extremely happy and friendly towards us. Luckily for us the last oyster had a black pearl in it! Iouan did tell us that he saw a green female down in the reef but Krylyk didn’t see her!

We went to see the Tempest and ask him if he would be willing to guide us on our journey next. Our conversation was not as fruitful as we would have hoped, before we could even offer up our gift he told us to leave him alone. Somehow I have turned into the groups’ diplomat, this is a job that I am not very good at and I will definitely have to work on, I do miss Jelpair and his ability to talk for us. After some discussion the Tempest tells us that if we bring him a black pearl and the feather of a Thunder bird he would agree to discuss the possibility of being our guide. With that we decided to try and find a Thunder bird’s nest since we already had a black pearl from Krylyk and Iouan’s earlier efforts. Again we ask the Natives were we might find a Thunder birds nest. They were more than happy to tell us that there was one up on the cliff above the Tempests Cave. With that knowledge Cam was able to dimension door himself up there to grab a feather quick. However there were none in the nest only a couple of eggs. Fortunately for us though the mother of those eggs came to defend them. In what was a fairly quick battle we were able to kill the bird and collect the feather that we needed, mostly because of Iouan and Krylyk’s ability with their bows and a well placed Acid Arrow spell on my part. Again we made the local native tribesmen happy by giving them the large bird and it eggs for food.

With our tribute in hand we approach the Tempests cave. He allows us in and has us sit around his fire pit where he starts a fire and starts mixing up the items we have bought to him along with some other items in a ceremony of sorts. During the ceremony he has us eat some form of root, which was definitely some kind of hallucinogen. I started to feel as if I was leaving my body and noticed that my companions were doing the same! All of a sudden I was no longer myself but had taken on the form of a tiger and I was flying above the island. The others all formed as a different creature as well, Tonk formed as a deer, Cam was an insect of some sort, Krylyk was a raven, Iouan was a hawk, and the Tempest was a giant crab. As we all “fly over the island we see a large lost city ahead of us with five different armies approaching it from different directions. In the middle of the city there was a blackness maybe even a large black hole. As we fly over the city a great serpent springs out of the blackness and attacks us. I am definitely not used to being a tiger since I had no abilities to cast spells! However we were able to destroy the serpent with Tonk the deer goring the head off of it with his antlers. With that we all seemed to exit the trance and the Tempest tells us that he would be willing to act as our guide. He tells us that there is a great darkness under the city and that he must assist us in defeating it, he also tells us his name is Nichechny, we decided to sleep in his cave tonight as we are all tired from our out of body experience. As I sit to write to night though I am thinking that the serpent has to represent the serpent creatures that I had read about in my study of Saventh-Yhi.

Aryth 11- We wake up and take the quick trip back into the village of Tanaroa to find our chronicler Garonne. We know that we have to get a move on since the main party from Morgrave will be now only ten days behind, and the Jade Ravens are now 2 days ahead of us! We travel fairly easily today seeing only the jungles natural inhabitants and none of them are aggressive towards us.

That evening we set up a watch system and I cast Rope Trick for us to sleep in. during Krylyk’s watch the group is woken up by his whistle blowing, actually I am woke up by Garonne shaking me screaming that there is something out there in the jungle. When I finally realize what is going on I notice Krylyk, Tonk and Iouan fighting 4 Giant Cobras, as we fight them one of them flees because of its injuries. In what turns out to be one of our groups longest combats in some time we were able to kill the remaining three cobras, with Tonk decapitating the last one much like his spirit form did in our dream combat with the serpent over the city and much like Saventh killed the serpent god Ydersius. Very interesting.

Aryth 12- We begin today by exiting the jungle and start our travel across the savannah towards the tar pits. We find a tree that has approximately 30 dead bodies’s hung from it, all in different states of decay! I remember that some of the local tribes like to do this sort of thing to chase away slavers and grave robbers, they try to defend their land and people in any way they can. After a long days travel we find a small camp of hide tents that are occupied by the Rakasta, a tribe of shifters that roam the savannah. We approach their camp with weapons drawn; this is their custom as it shows strength and courage. They allow us to share their camp and we notice that they are burning some of their fallen on the other side of camp. They explain that they have been attacked the last two nights by someone or thing that has killed a couple of their watch each night, after a little prodding they include that their fallen comrades were decapitated and that their heads were taken! We tell them that we will help keep watch with them tonight. Half way through the night I am awoken by screams, there has been another attack. Krylyk went out to help and by the time we had all gotten there all that was left were two headless bodies. Krylyk tracks the creatures for a short distance before he loses the trail. He marks the spot where we are and head back to camp, we can come back during the day to see if we can pick up the trail in better light.

Aryth 13- When we get up today the Rakasta are already pulling up their tents and camp. They tell us that they can no longer stay in this area and that we should think about moving on too. As a group we have decided that we will track this creature and kill it for the safety of the caravan that will be following us in 9 days. Krylyk with help from Iouan is able to find the trail again and it takes us most of the day to follow it to rocky out cropping we lose it again, but this time with the whole group looking we are able to find a bloody paw print of what looks to be an extremely large lion. With a little more tracking we find what we think is a den and check it out a little, only to discover that there is probably two of these beasts living here. We set up a camp in my Rope Trick for the night. Cam casts some form of spell that traps the area around the


Aryth 14- We exit the Rope Trick and check out the area only to find a fresh head at the outer limits of the trap spell that Cam had cast the night before. These creatures are intelligent and are toying with us! An’Atl summoned a dire rat to sneak into the den and give us a scouting report. The report was that the den was small and would be difficult for us to maneuver in to engage them in combat. After some discussion we decide that we are resting today and setting a trap tonight to try and deal with these beasts once and for all hopefully. I am going to take the rest of the day to restudy the spells that I think I might need for tonight’s encounter!

Finally it is evening, we set what we think is a trap for the beasts. Iouan sits out in the open just downwind of where we think they would be coming from while Krylyk and I are on one side, on high ground, and Cam, Tonk and An’Atl do the same on the other side. Fairly early in the evening most of the group spots the beasts coming, everyone but me that is! I don’t notice them until Krylyk who is standing next to me fires an arrow at one of them. When I do finally se them I notice that they are Dire Lions with jet black fur, and they seem to have some infernal blood in them. Krylyk hits one of them with a couple arrows and it decides to come our way. Meanwhile Iouan is attacked by the other and took an extremely hard hit. An’Atl morphed himself into an Allosaurus and rushed in to help Iouan out. Tonk followed him into battle as well. I cast at it and managed to damage it with Magic Missiles. Cam and I both summon Hound Archons to help us fight them, unfortunately Tonk killed one of them (yes one of the Hounds). The rest of the combat was rather easy and went in our favor. Afterwards While Cam was helping heal everyone that was injured I took a little time to dissect one of the Dire Lions and determined that they were in fact Fiendish Dire Lions.
Since we had spent the day resting and preparing for battle, we made the decision to travel by night since it is cooler to do so. As the sun rose up in front of us we notice that there were tents up ahead. The Rakasta tribe had camped here. We approach the camp the same way we had days earlier with weapons drawn, and informed them that we had killed the beasts and burned their bodies as they had requested

Aryth 15- We spend the morning celebrating our victory with them, and they give us a shrunken monkey head that was enveloped in a dweomer of moderate abjuration, they explain that that if we were to touch an evil outsider with it, the creature would be banished back to its home plane.

The rest of the day we spend resting, while the Rakasta continue to celebrate our victory and watch over us. That evening we thank the Rakasta tribe for their hospitality and ask them to watch out for the main group of our expedition that should be traveling behind us in about 10 days or so. We take the time to describe Shimmeringglimmeringbutterflywings and ask if the group is not led by her if they can possibly give false information to them.
After leaving the Rakasta tribe’s camp we realize that we have a decision to make. Cut through some heavy jungle or stay close to the Lake of Blood. We decide to stay just outside of the heavy jungle but still about a couple hundred yards away from the lake. About halfway through the night we see what we think is a fireless campsight with 4 or 5 sleeping body’s and decide that we should stay away from them, I am hoping that this is the four Jade Ravens and their guide. If we are about to pass them I am thrilled when we camp tomorrow in the Rope Trick I will ask our people on watch to keep a close eye if they catch up with us!!
As we skirt their camp and get closer to the lake we hear a Pteranodon screech and a sleet storm start up just off to our left. Now I know that An’Atl seems to like to turn into dinosaurs, I will however have to explain to him that technically Pteranodons are not dinosaurs but simply large flying reptiles that are common to this area, not that it matters though I guess. Anyways with the screech and a sleet storm showing up to our left we would have to assume that there is some trouble in that area! The group looks over towards the sleet storm and sees nothing while the Pteranodon lands and turns into a Stegasoris, as the sleet storm goes away. With all of that we notice a Dire Ape up in a tree about 30 feet looking like he wanted to jump down on Tonk. The Dire Ape let out a terrible scream that gave all of us a chill up our spine, but all of us were able to stand our ground, except Garrone that is he takes off running towards the lake. I immediately cast Ray of Enfeeblement on the Ape and Iouan takes off trying to retrieve Garrone. The Ape jumps out of the tree and bites me; Krylyk launches a volley of arrows into the creature killing it. As the ape slumps to the ground we hear a hideous laugh and notice a Shadow Demon rising up out of its lifeless body and dive into the shadows. I should have realized that there was more to that ape when it screamed and Garrone took off. After a couple of rounds of nothing happening I hear it chanting to cast a spell I unleash a fireball in the direction of the chanting hoping to hit it and disrupt its attempt to cast a spell. I think I hit my target however I did not disrupt the spell as 3 Alligators for the group, minus Iouan who is still chasing after Garrone, to fight. The Demon follows up his summoning spell with a fireball of his own, again following the noise of his chanting I cast another fireball off of my scrolls in his general direction. This Shadow demon is extremely difficult to deal with especially at night with there being so many shadows for him to hide in. I am hoping that I am doing damage to him as it is hard to target something that you can’t really see. Krylyk, cam and Tonk take care of the alligators while the demon cast Lightning Bolt at some of the group. I hear him casting another spell and as I try and pay attention to where he may be to read off my last fireball I feel the burning sensation of a Scorching Ray spell and I fall unconscious. I am not sure how long I am down for but I do wake up to Tonk standing over me with one of my potion bottles empty and in his hands! He must have grabbed one out of my haversack. Cam also ran over to me and asked his God to heal me. I was able to see the demon for a split second and use my last Fireball scroll against it. The demon survived my attempt to burn it to death though. An’Atl had summoned a Dire Bat which was able to find the demon and give us a clue as to where it was. Krylyk continued to let volleys of arrows off in the direction of the bat and demon. At that time Cam and I both summoned a group of Celestial Dire Bats determining that they could find it and hit it even since they were “good” creatures. One of Cam’s bats was able to finish the demon off for us with a smiting bite! We definitely need to work on our ability to communicate better during and even before battle. Especially if some of us are going to be in the form of creatures that can’t speak!!!
As we try and mend our wounds I realize that with all of this combat going on there is no way that the people sleeping in that camp should still be asleep. Once the entire group is back together (Iouan brought Garrone back) we go check and see if they took off during our battle. We find that the “sleeping campers” are actually dead people that the Shadow Demon had killed. 3 of them were Olman Porters, the other two were Liamia, and Tolen of the Jade Ravens. We quickly search their belongings and and dispose of the bodies of the Olman porters with their traditional ways. I however tell the group to leave the two fallen Jade Ravens lie where they are, if their companions didn’t think it was important enough to take care of their friends body’s then why should we! We do see some tracks leading off to the north and with that decide that we would be better off traveling for about an hour to get out of the Screaming Jungle. When we exit the jungle I cast Rope Trick and we climb up and rest and heal for the rest of the day! I take the time to examine what we found and inform the group of everything.

Our findings:

A broken Musket (Iouan is holding it for now)
Magical Leaf Armor (1). We all agree that it would be best for An’Atl to use
Two potions: one of Cure Moderate Wounds (myself), and one of Bears Endurance (Tonk)
A scroll of Fly (Me)
Amulet of Natural Armor (
1) (me)
Cloak of Charisma (2) Cam
A ring of Protection (
2) I take this one and give my ring of protection +1 to An’Atl
And lastly 150 gp for the group to split.

Aryth 16- We rest here for the day, during that time I take the time to do a little repair work on Tonk before we leave that evening.

Aryth 17- We rest today and travel by night again. Thanking our lucky stars that there have been no more encounters.

Aryth 18- Today is our 9th day on the trail, the main group will be leaving Farshore tomorrow and we are only a day away from where I think Tazion is. We decide today that we will continue to travel by night tonight even though we will have to enter the Screaming Jungle again halfway through the night and finish the nights travel in the jungle. After talking to the group we did also decide to go straight to Tazion and not to check out the Temple of the Jaguar, which is about a half a day’s journey out of the way. I am excited about the prospect of finding Tazion tomorrow morning and am hoping that tonights travel will be safe!

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