Serpent Skull

In the Lair of the Kaava Bush Devil
...where baboon-butt gets PWNed..
Against the Descent into the Hidden Vault of the Charau-Boggard-Girralon-Roper Golems!
14 Zarantyr, 999...later that same day

Garrion scouted out ahead in earth elemental form, using tremorsense to get a lay of the land. There was a chamber further on, shaped like an iron cross, connected by a corridor with a very rough floor which was under about 6" of water. The chamber contained five medium and one small creatures. Continuing on was a corridor which went on for around 50 feet and then turned. At the turn, was a rock outcropping. After the bend, there was an odd vibrational interference that messed with your tremorsense.

Garrion decided to peek his head up in the center of the cross room to see if he could figure out what the creatures were. Well he did, seeing a charau-ka and five boggards. Three of the boggards were staring directly at Garrion. Cue combat music. Rising up to his full height, Garrion moved out of the room, back towards the entrance, in an attempt to get them to follow. However, the very rough floor turned out to contain small foot-sized pits with poisoned stakes, which Garrion got his foot caught in and fell victim to the strength-draining poison. [Just remembered – he is immune to poison, isn’t he? Ah well.] Anyway, he ripped his foot out and returned to the party, but the boggards and charau-ka didn’t come out.

So the group went in. Jelpair threw out a fart-bomb, hoping to kill many of them, but they proved resistant to the magical cloud of death. After the cloud passed, Garrion threw up a stone wall across one of the wins of the room, trapping 2 boggards and the charau-ka priest in a stone tomb. This gave the party the chance to mop up the rest of the boggards.

Leaving the charau-ka and boggards entombed in stone, the group moved on down the corridor, to a statue. Jelpair noticed some magic on the spear the statue held up above it’s head. Detecting no trap, Lem and Jelpair approached, setting off the trap. Spear came down, smashing into the two of them and then the magical trap went off with a loud bang, attracting the attention of the two girallon down the hall. Battle, battle, battle…fight, fight, fight = dead 4 armed monkeys.

Oh look, secret door. Opened, Lem sneaks in, hiding behind the barrel full of lamp oil with a lit lantern on top. Tentacle lashes out from one of the stalagmites at her, and missed. Garrion burrows in there to attack the be-tentacled stalagmite while Jelpair and Krylyk wisely decide to stay back outside of the reach of the 60-foot tentacles! Lem ran up walls and stagmites, jumping from wall to Garrion’s back back to the wall and finally to the floor trying to get in position as Garrion beat on the creature and Krylyk pew-pew-ed it. [probably more like ‘pew-pew-pew-pew-pew-ed’]

With it’s dying breath, a tentacle lashed out and overturned the barrel of lamp oil, causing the antechamber to burst into a conflagration, separating Krylyk and Jelpair from Lem and Garrion, and the TALKING, BABOON-HEADED FLESH GOLEM that started to beat on Lem. Jelpair shunted in, and after trying to fire through the flames, Krylyk flew in to assist. With not much to damage the creature, Jelpair cast it into a pit and coated the wall with razor sharp obsidian as the group called a retreat.

Muh muh muh my Charau-ka
aka Merchant District Vault

14 Zarantyr 999

After we bested the Gorilla King, he vowed to leave Savinth-Yi with his army. Unfortunately, we did not accomplish this feat unscathed, as Reldig was critically wounded and Silus was gravely ill. We returned to the Artisan District with them in tow, leaving them to the district’s healers.

Our group numbers were dangerously low, so we recruited Jelpair, the gnome arcanist, to join us. We then decided to head to the newly vacated Merchant District the next day to find and explore the final vault. It was determined that we should stock up on healing wands and potions since we we don’t really have a healer being that Garrion tends to put himself in harms way more often than not. We used party treasure and purchased:

(1) Wand of Cure Mod. Wounds (4500 gp)
(1) Potion Cure Serious Wounds (750 gp)
(2) Potions Cure Moderate Wounds (600 gp)
(1) Potion of Remove Sickness (50 gp)
(2) Potions of Remove Disease (600 gp)

The next morning we set out. When we reached the Merchant District we found it completely trashed. Feces and garbage were everywhere. Disgusting creatures. Once we passed through the district and headed toward the cliff wall, I spotted a trail leading to a cleft. I was convinced that was the path to the vault and steered our group that way. Lem took the lead and kept ahead of us checking the trail for traps and pitfalls. She disappeared up the trail and then reemerged after a while telling us that she found a set of metallic double doors set in the cleft of the wall. She quickly headed back and we followed.

We followed the trail up to the cleft and then rounded a corner. The large double doors were right in front of us. A large engraving of a fish was etched across their width. Lem moved forward to check for traps on the door with Garrion close behind. Jelpair followed them while I took up the rear keeping an eye out for any dangers. And there one was! I saw movement in the shrubbery on a ledge above us and across the chasm. I drew my bowstring back and squinted to see what it was. Just then, a Charau-ka stood up and pushed a spiked log off the ledge. It swung on a rope down toward Garrion and slammed into the wall next to him. I loosed three arrows at the creature, all of them finding their mark, but he did not fall.

A second Charau-ka emerged on the ledge and pushed another spiked log down at Jelpair, barely missing him. In fact, it caught his hat as it swung over his head. At this point we begain hearing chanting from the ledge directly above us. Four more Charau-ka were overhead! And to make matters worse, a third and fourth Charau-ka stepped out from the ledge across the chasm and pushed two more spiked logs down. Garrion and Jelpair were both impaled on the spikes. The first Charau-ka shrieked at me and threw a javelin with all his might, hitting me in the shoulder. Before it could celebrate its hit, I fired three more arrows, the last blasting through his mouth and out the back of his head.

One of the Charau-ka above us climbed down and smashed Jelpair with its greatclub. Jelpair looked terribly injured at that point, when all of a sudden, he grabbed a gizmo off his belt and twisted it, causing a rip in space and time to open up in front of him. He stepped through and reemerged behind me! And then a split second later, he disappeared!

I was so mesmerized byJelpair and his magical trinkets that I almost didn’t see a second Charau-ka climb down behind me. Luckily, as it landed, it gashed its hand open and couldn’t attack. Out of the corner of my eye, I saw Garrion call upon his magics and shape-shifted into a huge Air Elemental. He flew out above the chasm between us and the Charau-ka across the way. One of those Charau-ka screamed at him and threw a javelin which somehow hit him.

Lem found herself wedged into a corner with a Charau-ka facing her. She was a flurry of movement, deftly dodging all of its attacks and then landing one of her own. Her rapier hit the beast in its neck, causing major damage and a steady stream of gushing blood.

The Charau-ka that attacked Jelpair before he disappeared charged me, but in his haste and rage hit his club on the cliff wall. I heard a distinctive crack from the weapon. A second crack sounded as a lightning bolt shot straight down hitting one of the Charau-ka. It had to be the work of Garrion! The Charau-ka must have known that as well, as he shrieked and threw two javelins at Garrion, hitting him very hard.

Strangely, a clock dropped out of nowhere between Lem and me on the path. It twisted and spun its gears and then all of a sudden I felt so much faster and everything around me seemed to slow down a little. Thank you, Jelpair, wherever you are! The speed increase made it even more impossible for the Charau-ka to hit Lem. She was a blur of movement. I got even more shots off at one of the Charau-ka across from us, killing it with an arrow through the eye. It tumbled off the cliff and into the chasm below.

Garrion flied to place himself between theCharau-ka and the sun, making him more difficult to see and thus harder to hit. He then called lightning down on the same Charau-ka that he blasted before.

Jelpair was nowhere to be found! Lem continued make herself an impossible target. Then she stabbed out with her rapier, slicing the achilles of the Charau-ka she was facing. While I watched her display of agility, a Charau-ka jumped down from the cliff above us. With my newfound speed, I was able to take the time to target all the weak spots in his armor and hit him with four arrows – the last finding a weak spot in his neck – killing him.

I thought I had seen it all, but then a tree in the chasm swung one of its branches, slamming a Charau-ka into the cliff wall between Lem and me. Garrion strikes again!

Jelpair reappeared on the cliff ledge above us with, what I could only describe as a cross between a catapult and a crossbow, and fired a canister of some sort at the group of Charau-ka above me. The canister hit and created a nasty smelling cloud that enveloped the beasts. I could hear them coughing and gagging.

One of the Charau-ka from above escaped the cloud by climbing down the cliff right in front of me. Big mistake! I fired four more shots, all of them hitting, with the last splitting an arrow already lodged in its chest and driving back into its spine.

Garrion shouted something and pointed at the creature in the stinking cloud. A pillar of flame dropped out of the sky, burning away the cloud along with all of the Charau-ka‘s hair! They’re even uglier without the hair!

After that, the rest of the Charau-ka fell quickly. Individually the Charau-ka weren’t too tough, but the group of them did quite a bit of damage. Jelpair used many charges from our newly acquired wand to heal himself and Garrion.

We looted the two Charau-ka that didn’t fall into the chasm, finding:

2 Copper armbands with fish symbols
2 MW hide armor
2 MW great clubs

Once we were ready to continue, Lem looked over the doors to determine if they were trapped. She seemed fairly certain that they weren’t, so she pushed the doors open into a cavern with a stone floor buffed to a shine. Lem crouched down as if to hide, but I could see her plain as day. Halflings are odd. She moved back and forth across the room inching forward with every sweep. We all moved forward.

Out of nowhere, a large female form materialized in front of us. She had horns and was bare chested, wearing high quality silks, a mask, an amulet around her neck, and the same copper armband our Charau-ka friends had outside. She also had a longbow strung around her back. She inhaled deeply and then blew out a cone of snow and ice at us! We were all able to dodge out of the way so as not to take the full brunt of the attack, but only Lem seemed to come out unscathed.

Then a second one popped into existence and breathed out the same nasty cone of cold with the same result. Jelpair yelled, “Ogre Magi!” He may as well have said, “tall ice bitch” in Gnomish for all the good that did me. He didn’t need to yell anything for me to know they were bad news. I raised my bow and shot three arrows before they could blink and hit the first one twice and narrowly missing a third.

Lem cartwheeled and tumbled past the first Ogre Magi as it swung at her unsuccessfully three times. Garrion used his magics to turn into a large earth and stone creature and then melted into the ground. Jelpair reached into a pouch at his belt and retrieved the clock he had used earlier. He tossed it between us as its gears twisted. Faster again!

Right as I looked up from the clock, the two Ogre Magi disappeared. Luckily I was prepared. I reached into my handy haversack and pulled out a potion of See Invisibility, which I gulped down immediately. The two Ogre Magi suddenly came back into view.

Garrion popped his earthen head out of the stone wall of the cavern but did nothing else. He obviously couldn’t see them. Jelpair reached up to his goggles and twisted some dials. My guess is that he was adjusting them to see invisibility as well, but in doing so he left himself open to an attack from the second Ogre Magi. She punched him right in the side of the head and became visible again to everyone.

Everything went dark. Only my darkvision kept everything in sight. I think the Ogre Magi thought they were safe in the dark, but I’m sure they changed their minds when three more of my arrows found their mark. The last arrow cut across its brow causing blood to spray into her face and daze her. Garrion emerged from the wall and cast a spell. A snake-like line of fire stretched between both Ogre Magi. The damage caused was enough to fell the first creature. The second one burned and then screamed.

Jelpair took the opportunity to dimension step into the room, but appeared to just survey the area from a distance. Lem jumped onto the Ogre Magi and bounded up its body, finishing with a stab to her face. Unfortunately she got too close and the creature grabbed her in one of her massive hands. I shot at the Ogre Magi, but only hit once, as I tried to avoid hitting Lem, who continued to struggle until she was unceremoniously thrown out the door and into the tree that Garrion had animated.

Garrion chanted a few words causing a greenish slime to cover his fist. He punched the Ogre Magi and the green slime transferred to her. It seemed to be sucking the life right out of her! Jelpair quicly made some adjustments to his crossbow launcher and fired bolts of energy. They unerringly hit their target. I fired off some more arrows and Jelpair launched more energy bolts and the creature finally collapsed. The slime consumed its body and then shriveled away.

Lem threw a grappling hook over to the vault entrance and deftly swung back to the ledge. Jelpair produced his healing wand again and treated the injured while I went to take a look at the Ogre Magi’s equipment. I found:

(2) Large Masterwork Composite Longbows
(2) Low level Amulets of the Mighty Fist
(2) Large Copper fish armbands

A memory flooded back to me when I saw the armband up close. The fish was an exact rendering of a crimson piranha-like fish called Maka-yika, which is also the name and symbol of a mercenary band of criminals out of Farshore, led by a Kava Bush Devil, who raped and pillaged across the island. I was part of a group supported by the local government of Farshore to hunt down and kill the band. We took out much of the group before they fled into the forest, but unfortunately the Kava Bush Devil got away.

The Lost Journals of Silas Velbur - Part 6
8-13 Zarantyr, 998

8 Zarantyr, 999 – The Adjunct Faculty entered Savith’s memorial, finding a series of traps involving water. At the lowest level, they found the key that Chivane had asked for guarded by an ancient stone construct, a Tiberolith!

9 Zarantyr, 999 – I returned to the Temple District with the Adjunct Faculty to secure the treaty between our two factions. With that in place, we returned to the [Artisan District]] I think tomorrow, I will take a contingent over to the Govornment District and do some research.

10 Zarantyr, 999 – The Adjunct Faculty headed over to the Residential District. With a fresh idea of where the vault was, they soon were crawling into the overgrown cleft. Within they fought many plant creatures including a plant-like dire lion, and some sort of non-aquatic anemone. Unfortunately, Benaiah was slain by the polyp, through a combination of acid burns, poison and finally being swallowed and dissolved in the things digestive acid. While his body was retrievable, his gear was mostly destroyed.

12 Zarantyr, 999 – With Reldig Fosget, another new recruit, the Adjunct Faculty headed over to the Farming District where they investigated the sixth vault. It’s entrance a sinkhole, leading into a submergedcavern system infested with Pirhana and fey creatures called Grey Nisps, they manage to fight off the guardians and find more of the focus crystals needed to open the gate in the First Vault.

12 Zarantyr, 999 – Tonight we were invited to dine with Rhuthazek, the Gorilla King. I attended with the Adjunct Faculty. I was shocked to see them using humans as slaves and even seats as the Charau-ka, gorillas, Girallons and other apes were treated as first-class. But, when in Usaro

Rhuthazek showed inteerst in our motives for being here in the lost city. He was convinced that he could easily take over the entire city with his army, and those that followed, but offered us a chance to ‘win’ the city from him. He proposed a series of tests. A Test of Strength, a Test of Storytelling and a Test of Combat.

While he described these tests, we were fed a series of unique foods most likely delicacies amongst the apes; fresh monkey brains, a bloody soup of eyeballs and wild onions, raw hippo steak with blood sweat sauce, pan-seared botfly larvae in honey and ice-chilled vegepygmy pulp seasoned with cinnamon and roasted coffee beans. This was all served with copious amounts of sour plantain wine. While I have eaten a large variety of fare from several different cultures, and was able to try most of the dishes, I could not consume the pulp of a sentient being. Others among us, Silus and others, looked a little green after consuming the meal, however it was not to deter them from the tests.

The Test of Strength involved breaking a bundle of human femurs. Garrion easily performed this task, although he was aided by judicious use of strength-boosting spells, and some encouragement from me.

The Test of Storytelling was left to Silas, aided by some charisma- and storytelling-bosting magicks, and my encouragement.

The Test of Combat was taken up by Reldig. However, even with the prowess-building majicks and my encouragement, he was no match for the Gorilla King, who left him alive, but unconsious, his body shattered.

Rhuthazek turned to us, and congratulated us on our win. True to his promise, he said he and his followers would be gone by morning. However, he warned us, stating “You may have won the rights to the city, but the jungle surrounds the city…and jungle eats all who do not belong. You do not belong, little coastlanders! When jungle has finished with you, Rhuthazek will add your bones to his throne!”

We carried the shattered body of Reldig back to camp, and helped those who were too sick to walk on their own. Tomorrow, after the apes have left, the Adjunct Faculty will enter the seventh vault to hopefully retrieve the last of the focusing crystals needed to open the gate.

The Lost Journals of Silas Velbur - Part 5
1-7 Zarantyr, 998

1 Zarantyr, 999 – Keegan and Kreighton finished enchanting the items the Adjunct Factulty requested. While they do, my team and I make an interesting discovery in the Farming District; The sunken ziggurat in the middle of the lake imprisons something the Ancient Olmans feared greatly. Perhaps we should ward the ziggurat until we can explore it further.

2 Zarantyr, 999 – The Adjunct Faculty returned to the Temple District to enter the vault where they encountered the Spectres. Moving into the first chamber, Lem points out an odd slot in the ceiling where she states a pendulum with a big sharp blade would swing down and cut people in half if activated. She jammed a stick in the mechanism to make sure that it doesn’t accidentally go off, and then marks off the trigger stones on the floor with her chalk.

Moving deeper, the group encountered three sarcophagi, the center filled with a red liquid. Ajax stepped up to look in it and was attacked by a hand thrusting out of the blood. A creature jumped out of the sarcophagus, a humanoid, devoid of skin, it’s musculature seeping blood, and sharp fangs jutting from it’s mouth.

Concentrating their fire on the Terkow, the group did a substantial about of damage and caused the creature to flee. Ajax took off after it, as the rest of the group cautioned him. However, the brash fighter ran off down the passage the creature ran down, following it out into another chamber. Seeing the creature running across the room, he followed, to be struck down by another two skinned creatures, Rawbones.

Under the onslaught of the two creatures, and with their front line fighter lying dead in a pool of gore, the Adjunct Faculty wisely retreated out of the vault.

3 Zarantyr, 999 – After resting and recruiting Benaiah , a stealthy Olman warrior, the Adjunct Faculty return to vault. At the first intersection, Morwynn notices a secret door which they opened. As they stood there arguing about whether they should go through the secret door, the Terkow and Rawbones assault the group. They manage to kill the two lesser undead, but the Terkow managed to critically injure Silus and drained Morwynn of vitality before running off into the jungle. As the group was triaging injuries, three undead Dire Tigers assaulted them out of the open secret door. Most of the group wisely fled, but Morwynn in her weakened state wandered into the maw of one of the abnormally fast zombie tigers. Her body was unable to be recovered at this time.

4 Zarantyr, 999 – We sat down with the Provisional Govornment today to discuss attacking the Govornment District. With four bridges into the central island, there are four routes in. The bridge from the Military District is the only one that is completely intact, with the one from the Residential District being the one in the most disrepair. That leaves the two bridges from the Merchant District.

We decided that the ground troops from the Provisional Govornment would approach from the Govornment District, the Ivory Cross would set up and move in from the northern Merchant District and establish their artillery on the bridge there, while the spellcasting forces of Morgrave University, some of whom have the ability to create magical bridges to span the crubled bridge sections, would attack from the southern Merchant District bridge.

The Adjunct Faculty would be our special forces. They would drop into the district under cover of the morning mist, alighting on top of the ziggurat on pteranodon wings. They would be tasked with securing the ziggurat, and then moving to the location we believe to be the headquarters of their cobra-headed yuan-ti leader; a domed buidling on the southeast edge of the island. Cutting off the head is they way to secure the island. All forces would build beachheads at the point where their bridges met, and from there, they would converge on the ziggurat.

5 Zarantyr, 999 – The attack went well today. While the snake-men were not surprised and gave up quite a fight. Unfortunately, the leader of the yuan-ti, actually a Rakshasa, escaped.

6 Zarantyr, 999 – With the central island mostly secured, I tasked some of the faculty with assisting the Provisional Govornment in routing out the remaining yuan-ti in the Govornment District. With the district still unsecured, I returned to the Artisan District with Kreighton, Erin, Keegan and the remaining faculty to continue our research.

The Adjunct Faculty turns their attention to the rocks at the western edge of the island, near the northernmost bridge to the Merchant District. Benaiah moved out ahead of the group, climbing down the rocks, but then suddenly disappeared. Taking action, Silus and Garrion, another new recruit, flew out over the water to see a Giant Flytrap with Benaiah‘s cloak hanging out of one of it’s traps. With a combination of magic and artillery from Krylykm the plant soon lies dead.

Moving deeper into the vault they encounter a mud filled tunnel inhabited by several Ooze Mephits. They manage to cause the mephits to retreat, and using the folding boat purchased from another member of the tribe, they punt deeper into the muck-filled vault.

Entering a octagonal chamber with a high vaulted ceiling, they spy another two mephits near the ceiling. Suddenly a large humanoid figure composed entirely of mud, rises from the ooze beneath the boat, and a stone wall grows out of the muck, closing off the exit. A fight ensues and the Shaitan is forced to retreat.

Deeper in the vault, they find the Argent Font; the artifact which enables them to break free of the grip of the paranoia induced by the Midnight Spores. As they are attempting to load the font into the boat, they are attacked by an elder Mud Elemental, which they vanquish. In a pit under the mod they discover some of the crystals needed to re-open the gate in the first vault.

7 Zarantyr, 999 – In the morning, the Adjunct Faculty teleports out of the vault and back to the Artisan District. For the better part of the day, the group rests and replentishes their supplies.

In the evening, after things have cooled off, they head over to the Temple District to speak with Chivane and Lirith. On the way they are attacked by 5 [[Jungle Mantis]es and several swarms of venomous snake. Meeting with House Thurrani, they make an alliance to support each other. As part of the alliance, Chivane would like a key that she believes may be located within Savith’s Memorial in the Artisan District.

With the alliance discussed, the Adjunct Faculty returns to the Artisan District.

The Lost Journals of Silas Velbur - Part 4
22-28 Vult, 998

22 Vult, 998 – In the morning, they go to re-question Ivo , only to find he has died in the night. A strange green fluid leaks from his nose and ears, and dribbles from the corner of his mouth. Frustrated, they travel back to the Tribe of the Sacred Serpent. Osond spends the day preparing the Muse for air burial. Frustrated with the death of their captive, they go kill the Muse’s pets in the game arena; three Basilisks.

23 Vult, 998 – With the return of the people of the Sacred Serpent, they leave the cleaning up of the Artisan District to Osond, his people, myself and the rest of the faculty of Morgrave University. The Adjunct Faculty headed back to the Temple District to the hidden garden and the door in the cliff wall. Pushing open the door and entering, Lem, Rikkan and Morwynn step back wide-eyed, looking suspiciously at the group around them. But they don’t get much chance to let the paranoia take root, as four ghostly apparitions rise from the floor. The party fights for their lives against the Spectres with several of the party succumbing to the soul-draining touch of the undead. They return to the Artisan District, after only being gone for maybe an hour, and several of them teleport off to Newthrone.

24 Vult, 998 – After returning from Q’barra, the Adjunct Faculty decide to spend some downtime recuperating and engaging the faculty in some enchanting; increasing Morwynn‘s amulet of natural armor’s protection, enchanting Krylyk‘s backup bow and adding the monstrous humanoid bane ability to his primary bow, enchanting Morwynn’s breastplate, and Silus’s cloak of resistance.

While the enchanting is going on, Morwynn decides to do something they have never done and divine the location of something to assist them with the paranoia. He receives a vision of the central island, and zooming in to an area on the western edge to a rocky pathleading down to the shore to a dark cave.

While they are at it, the faculty and I discover that Savith-Yhi was built above a yuan-ti city as a guardpost against an incursion. Might have been nice to find this information before we received the information from Juliver.

The Lost Journals of Silas Velbur - Part 3
15-21 Vult, 998

What follows is a reconstruction of the timeline of events following Silus’s first journal, and the journal started by Krylyk. This is constructed mostly from the memory of the half-orc along with conversations the group has had with me. – SGBW

15 Vult, 998Silas, Krylyk and Jelpair teleport to Newthrone, the Capital of Q’barra to make some purchases that aren’t available through our supply lines here or Farshore. Lavinnia has made indications that House Orien had been discussing sending representatives from the Transportation Guild to Farshore to establish stronger supply lines to Savinth-Yhi.

The Adjunct Faculty returned this evening with a scroll to cure the feebleminded woman. Her tale was quite interesting. Not only was she feebleminded, but suffering from extreme paranoia, which made her trusting us extremely difficult.

The woman bore a tattoo on her shoulder indicating that she was associated with the Wayfarers. Her name was Juliver, a Wayfarer from Sharn. She was the companion of the famous Thunder Guide, Eando Kline. While on assignment with the Wayfarers, Kline stumbled upon a subterranean city in the far north built ages ago by a strange race of snake men. But it wasn’t a dead city; it was just asleep—and it was ready to wake up. The clues that Eando had been following had been laid by the serpentfolk themselves in the hope that some explorer would unwittingly stumble upon them and rouse them from their age-long slumber to rise and conquer an unprepared world. Kline and the Wayfarers only narrowly avoided doing just that and barely escaped with their lives.

When they reported back to the Wayfarers, Eando refused to publish his findings and discouraged anyone from retracing his steps, knowing the dangers if others should stumble upon that city and wake those creatures. For this he was ostracized from the Wayfarers.

But Kline continued his researches on his own, and discovered something of even more immediate danger—the underground city under Xen’drik was not the only such slumbering city. Another city slept as well, and was already beginning to wake on its own. Kline gathered a group of like-minded Thunder Guides and Wayfinders —such as Juliver—and they set out to stop this newly discovered threat before it could erupt.

Following Kline‘s research, we entered certain deep caves in the Tempest’s Spine mountains in eastern Xen’drik. For weeks we followed the byways of the Khyber until at last they came to this new subterranean city, called Ilmurea. Unfortunately, it was much more lively than its sister city under Xen’drik and inhabited by numerous denizens. The Yuan-ti there are on some sort of mission, under the leadership
of a powerful priest. They ambushed us shortly after we entered the city. Kline and his companions were captured. Only Juliver managed to escape.

While fleeing the Yuan-ti, Juliver found an obscure tunnel that led up and assumed it to be as good as any. The tunnel led to a chamber with a magical portal on one wall. Her pursuers were right behind her, so to keep them from following her, Juliver smashed several crystals surrounding the portal, hoping the damage would deactivate it for a time.

Things are somewhat hazy after that. She doesn’t think the snake men followed her through, but she encountered what she thought was an undead yuan-ti, a wizard, perhaps. She is unsure of what exactly happened, as she kept losing track of time and what she was doing. Eventually she remembered no more until she came to my senses just now.

16 Vult, 998 – The Adjunct Faculty followed the trail of the undead to a ruined mansion on a hill overlooking the Artisan District, as well as a door in the side of the hill where the girl’s trail lead back to. Camping within sight of the mansion, they thought best to strike at night.

17 Vult, 998 – the Adjunct Faculty attacked the undead in the basement of the mansion, killing Sozothala, the ghastly yuan-ti necromancer. After a rest, they returned to the door in the cliff and enter. After encountering some Kech and some Sabosan (bat-people), Lem, Tonk and Darkfallen fall to paranoia. Silus managed to web Lem, and charm Tonk, but all of Darkfallen’s gear, right down to hus undergarments, were found in a pile outside the vault and he was never to be seen again.

18 Vult, 998 – the Adjunct Faculty finish clearing the first vault, including fighting a Stone Golem!. They discover the paranoia is caused by a substance called Midnight Spores, a strange extraplanar fungus of unknown origin discovered and cultivated by an Olman scholar named Urschlar millennia ago. Urschlar was also the seer who predicted the cataclysm that shattered Savinth-Yhi, and encouraged the building of the vaults below the city, where people could retreat to wait out the catastrophe. Lem has begun treatment under Morwynn, and Silas has Tonk securely under charm effects.

Deep in the first vault, the group discovered a portal, as Juliver described, with the focussing crystals smashed. Runes on the portal were also inscribed on a wall-sized map of the city, indicating the locations of six other vaults within the city.

They returned to me, sharing the information they have discovered. They all agree that this information is important to be shared with the other allied factions. The Adjunct Faculty headed over towards the Merchant’s District to speak with Lavinia. On their way, they run into Zan Oldavin, the roguish halfling. formerly from the Jade Ravens, and Lt. LaFoote, from the Farshore Government. They quickly explain that the Dragonmarked houses just got a new group of reinforcements, led by a man named Ivo Haigan. Haigan immediately met with Lavinia and her staff, and executed them, assuming control. Zan and Lefty fled. As they finish their explanation, the jungle erupts and the group is attacked by Dragonmarked Merceneries.

On their way back to the Artisan District, they are greeted by a troupe of winged apes, who announce the coming of Rhuthazek, the Gorilla King.

Returning to the Tribe of the Sacred Serpent, they called a council with myself and Osond about the events. We retire to think further on this development.

19 Vult, 998 – The Adjunct Faculty headed over to Merchant’s District this morning to check in on the situation with the Dragonmarked Houses. On their way over, they noticed some Charau-ka in the nearby trees. Lem stealthed in to investigate, and noticed ten of them watching her quietly. Highly agitated by their notice of her, she quietly moved back to the group, who headed on to Lavinnia‘s headquarters on the edge of the lake. They found a hastily abandoned campsite. Inside Lavinnia’s headquarters, they found her body, as well as those of her staff, and those of a couple of the Provisional Soldiers. In a satchel on the hip of one of soldiers, they found a sealed scroll from General Rotilius addressed to SGBW.

They returned to the Artisan District only to find I had taken a contingent into the Farming District to do some research there. Upon finding me, they delivered the letter. The General’s missive expresses an interest by the Provisional Govornment in attaching the snake-men on the central island, and was asking for assistance by the Dragonmarked Houses and Morgrave University.

I ask the Adjunct Faculty to take a message back to General Rotilius, and perhaps investigate the Lhazaar Princes camp on their way over, as there has not been much activity over there. They travelled through the Temple District, with no sign of House Thurrani, and into the Residential District. Skirting the edge of the lake in attempts to keep away from the Vegepygmy, the group came upon the abandoned camp of the Lhazaar Princes. In one of the tents, they find the journal of a young boy that some of the group is familiar with; Tavey Nessk.

When they arrived at the Provisional Govornment’s headquarters, a fortress complex on a massive column of volcanic rock over 100 feet high, Private Roberts took them to General Rotilius at the citadel. He explained that they were turning their attention to the central isle, and wanted to attack the snake-men there, but with the disappearance of the other factions (Dragonmarked Houses and Lhazaar Princes most notably), it may be prudent to scout out where the others have gone.

As such, the Adjunct Faculty decided in the morning to head over to the overgrown Residential District in attempts to make contact with the Vegepygmy.

20 Vult, 998Morwynn’s tending to Lem seems to be effective; the halfling is showing signs of improvement. Shile she still does not trust anyone, the irrational paranoia she has been displaying since first entering the underground vault seems to be abating.

This morning, the [[Adjunct Faculty] head over to Residential district. They attempt to make contact with the Vegepygmy, and while, they are able to make contact and communicate, the diminutive plant creatures have no interest in aiding the group in attacking the snake-men; neither tribes have ever been hostile towards the other. When asked about the Lhazaar Princes, Silus says that he believes the translation may be flawed, but that they said “They have joined the trees.”

Continuing on through the Residential District they made a pass by the mold-covered ziggurat. They noticed a number of vegepygmy emerging from the rust-colored mold covering the shadowed part of the ziggurat, as well as wooden cages with rodents of some sort, that are unidentifiable at this distance.

Continuing on the way to the wall of the caldera behind the Residential District where the mural depicted another vault location. Searching around for several hours, they are unable to locate the entrance.

Frustrated, they move on towards the Temple District. On their way, they notice a well preserved manor on the shore of a narrow inlet from the lake. Moving over, they notice an elven female standing in the shadows of a doorway. Suspicious, they approach and hail her. She greets them and invites them in, saying her name is Egzimora a druidic hermit who has lived here for years. She offers them refreshments, which they decline.

Eventually the woman dropped her disguise, revealing herself to be a Green Hag. She doesn’t stand a chance against the fury of the Adjunct Faculty. In a cavelikechamber deeper inside the manor, they find the remains of several of the Lhazaar Princes, their gear tossed in the corner, their bodies feeding a forest of highly unusual fungi. All but one of the men are dead. One, just a boy, his chest heaved and his fungus-encrusted eyelids fluttered open, and his mouth opened in an attempt to gasp. The boy, Tavey Nessk, was found alive, but his body had been used as a host for these fungi and the mycellium had integrated into him. Whether he will live or not remains to be seen.

Deciding to head back to the camp, they skirted the back of the Temple District. On the way, they found a secluded spot that almost looked like a garden, complete with a bench, and a door into the side of the cliff. Unfortunately, they were not alone there. Three yuan-ti arcane warriors had a makeshift camp set up there. The Adjunct Faculty managed to take the snake-men out, but not without injured.

Injured and carrying the fungi-infested Tavey, the Adjunct Faculty returns to a very bad situation in the Artisan District. The Sacred Serpent guards lie dead on the approaching stairs, smoke billows from the six artisan schools, and more of the Tribe lie dead In the middle of the square, the Radiant Muse lay dead. As they survey the damage, they find one of the corpses is not quite dead. A woman, beaten and bloodied, her legs crushed under a fallen statue, explained that they came out of the morning mist and attacked, killing many and taking many with them. They took Osond, Shimmeringglimmeringbutterflywings, Keegan Shator, Kreighton, Erin and many of those of the tribe. They had been attacked by the Dragonmarked Houses.

21 Vult, 998 – Following the tracks to Ivo’s camp in the middle of the night, Lem scouts it out. The group air walks up to the second cliff above the new camp. They make camp up there for the day to survey the camp and prepare for an assault. Morwynn fashions four knotted ropes, while Silus writes a scroll, Rikkan brews up some brews, Tonk counts birds (" One….two…more than two…), while Lem and Krylyk kept an eye on the camp. They see three groups of six come in and others leave during the day. As evening falls, Tonk and Lem see two Camalutz wing over.

Waiting until night, they make their assault. Krylyk and Silus raining down death from above, while the rest drop down into the camp. Morwyn and Lem attempt to free the prisoners, while Rikkan wreaks havok with his bombs and Tonk weighs in with his sword. Finally, Ivo appears from a tent, accompanied by two Girallon. Finally, the field is taken, Ivo Haigan is captured, and the rest of the Dragonmarked merceneries are either killed or too injured to be of consequence. Interrogation of Haigan doesn’t reveal his motives. What they do reveal is a series of blackouts, which started on the way to Savinth-Yhi. He remembers nothing of arriving at the city, or anything since.

Spent, the Adjunct Faculty decide to leave him shackled and under guard for the remainder of the night. They free the captives, SGBW and the rest of the faculty from Morgrave University assist the remainder of the Tribe of the Sacred Serpent back to the Artisan District.

The Lost Journals of Silas Velbur - Part 2
8-14 Vult, 998

What follows is a reconstruction of the timeline of events following Silus’s first journal, and the journal started by Krylyk. This is constructed mostly from the memory of the half-orc along with conversations the group has had with me. – SGBW

8 Vult, 998 - Silas returned to Savinth-Yhi from his excursion. The rest of the Adjunct Faculty enjoyed a well needed rest. We didn’t have much luck exploring today either. With the Adjunct Faculty making peaceful contact with the Tribe of the Sacred Serpent, we have decided to move our camp there. Their leader, Osond, has offered us a place in abandoned school of some sort. I have our people packing, and we will be moving over tomorrow.

9 Vult, 998 - The Adjunct Faculty made contact with some Boggards in the Farming District today. Initial contact was hostile, but after the Faculty had slain many of the frog-men, the boggards called for a truce, claining they would bring them before their chieftain. Bringing them to the shores of the swamp which had subsumed the district, the boggards said their chieftain would arrive soon. Well, what arrived was definitely NOT their chieftain; it was a Froghemoth!!! I am very surprised the group did as well as they did, but after swallowing Tonk, the creature swam off into the marsh.

Our exit from the Merchant District was exacerbated by the Dragonmarked Houses moving their cam into the district, at the end of a peninsula where one of the ruined bridges crossed towards the central island. I will have to set up a meeting with Lavinnia Vanderboren. Now that we are all here, we’ll need to start establishing working relatinships. I know the Provisional Govornment has been ove rin the Military District dealing with Charau-ka. We can hear the shots from the [[Ivory Cross] gunmen echoing all over the city. As long as they keep the monkeys in check over there, I am content to let them fight it out while we explore. We have seen some activity on the shores of the overgrown Residential District where we believe the Lhazaar Princes contingent has settled, but they have mad eno move to make contact with us.

Tonk returned this evening, stating that he cut his way out of the beast’s gullet, and walked to shore on the bottom of the swamp. From what he says, the beast still lives.

11 Vult, 998 – We established a new camp today in the abandoned academy in the Artisan District. To do so, we were required to join the Tribe of the Sacred Serpent, and display our artistic talents. During the morning, the district was attacked by a troupe of Charau-ka, which are quickly dealt with. That afternoon, we were contacted by Lt. Lefty LaFoote of the Farshore Provisional Govornment who were having issues dealing with a giant winged demon in the Military District. The Adjunct Faculty traveled to the Military District and slayed the demon, driving off a Charau-ka witch doctor off. They attempted to return back to camp through the Residential District, which is overgrown with vegetation, and inhabited by minute plant humanoids, Vegepygmy, who repulse the Adjunct Faculty’s incursion. They returned to the Military District.

12 Vult, 998 – The Adjunct Faculty attempted to return through the Merchant District, but were attacked by one of the Jade Ravens, the sorceress by the name of Liamae Teslikaria, and a unit of Dragonmarked Merceneries. Once they killed Liamae, the creature reverted to its true form, a serpentlike humanoid! They returned to Lavinnia with the creature to gloat, afterwards they return to the Artisan District. While they were out, reinforcements have arrived from the University. Among them are a half-Orc thug named Grotarg, a halfling named Lem, and a gnome artificer namedJelpair.

13 Vult, 998 – The Adjunct Faculty returned to the Farming District, attacking the ziggurat and killing the Boggard chief and sub-chiefs. They returned to the swamp and ended up killing the Froghemoth. They managed to bring the creature’s corpse back to the Artisan district, where, through magic and taxidermy, the body has been preserved and put on display in the grand courtyard. Our Research Team discovered that the courtyard in the back of the ziggurat in the Artisan District, is some sort of sports arena, and they discover how the game is played. However, two of their numbers reported seeing some large reptilian creatures in the arena. Osond has warned us to stay away from there as the creatures are favored pets of the Radiant Muse.

14 Vult, 998 – The Adjunct Faculty returned again to the swamp in the Farming District, where they explored a partially sunken ziggurat in the center of the swamp. In the process, they freed a frog demon from a bottle. The demon quickly disappeared rather than fight its liberators. They also discovered a series catacombs beneath that lead to a lead sealed door, which they decided not to open. After returning to the Artisan District, the camp is attacked by a horde of undead. Silas died again but the remainder of the group managed to take out the rest of the undead. Many others among the Uni and the Tribe had been injured or killed. In the wake of the attack, an amnesiac woman in tattered clothing was discovered wandering on the outskirts of the district.

The Lost Journals of Silas Velbur - Part 1
1-7 Vult, 998

Vult 1, 998 – After an uneventful night we wake up looking forward to exploring more of the ruins in the merchant district. Before we set out for the day we do notice that the spire on top of the ziggurat in the district with the troglodytes is now emanating a purplish light from the top of it. I wonder if that means Shivayne and the House Thuranni, have managed to explore that ziggurat or did the troglodytes discover something. I will have to try and see if I can talk to Shivayne soon and compare notes.

We set out for the ziggurat this morning, while SGBW ventured into the merchant district too as did Kreighton and his group we told them it would be safest if they tried to stay behind us so we could clear out any inhabitants that were hostile first. Summer stayed behind today trying to help Keegen defend and supply the camp today. When we reach the ziggurat we can see that it is covered with images of merchant trading their good to one another and mounds of many exotic and normal treasures. The southwestern section under the ziggurat has fallen to a sink hole and is filled with water in the bottom of it; there is also a cavern under the ziggurat as well. Krylyk drew his bow and started down to get a good look into the cavern but he couldn’t really see anything so I tossed him a sunrod to throw into the cavern as deep as he could. That action woke up an extremely large Xen’drik Night Bat, which proceeded to fly out of the cavern and pick up Tonk and start to fly off with him. Cam fired off an extremely intelligent (and lucky) spell of silence on the bat, which blinded him!! The bat spiraled out of control, crashing into the ground doing damage to himself and Tonk. Luckily for Tonk the bat dropped him and as it tried to fly away again but Krylyk was able to fire off a volley of arrows that took the creature down silently crashing into some of the buildings near the ziggurat. We checked out the creature’s lair only to find more guano then we ever wanted to see.

We then made our way to where we saw the chimera’s fortress near the lake shore. As we approached one of us (I can’t remember which) was struck with a stream of acid. With that Tonk rushed into the darkened ruins and was hit by another stream of acid and then bit and dropped leaking fluid all over the place. An’Atl proceeded to cast a communal spell of resist acid on all of us, which makes the Chimera’s breath weapon useless against us. Cam and I both ran into repair Tonk as the rest of the group fought on and after a fairly short and somewhat easy battle, we finished them off. I unfortunately did not escape unharmed this time though as one of the lion heads was able to take a bite out of me before we could finish them off. We searched the ruins for any valuable artifacts and found the following: Gloves of arrow Snaring, A Potion of Delay Poison, a Potion of Water Breathing, a golden goblet studded with turquoise, a flawless red glass orb, seven silver rings, four amethysts, five bloodstones, 15 pieces of malachite, 44 pp, 1,281 gp, 2,373 sp, and 5,172 cp. In a separate room, an acid burned skeleton clutched a well preserved Satchel (Handy Haversack) containing a spellbook and a Wand of Daze Monster. After all of that we decide to head back to camp for the day to give me some time to check everything out, and prepare for tomorrow.

Vult 1 Evening- I am in the process of studying the spellbook right now. I cannot believe my luck with discovering this. Whoever’s this was, they were a powerful spellcaster, being able to cast spells that I am not even near capable of yet. With Time I can use them but for now the additions that I can use will be helpful to us, of that I am sure of! I am going to spend a couple of hours an evening to copy these into my books so I can share with Kreighton and then possible sell it to another mage.

What follows is a reconstruction of the timeline of events following Silas’s first journal, and the journal started by Krylyk. This is constructed mostly from the memory of the half-orc along with conversations the group has had with me. – SGBW

2 Vult, 998 – I was saddened today to hear that there was a casualty. Cam was slain in batttle with a clutch of undead Shadows in a partially sunken building on the edge of the lake. His body was not retrievable at this time. I have counciled the Adjunct Faculty to bide their time in retrieving the body, and prepare for what they know are there.

3 Vult, 998 – Determined to try something difference, the Adjunct Faculty decided to head to Farming District to investigate attacks. They take Morwynn, a dwarven priest newly come from Farshore. They head over to investigate some attacks on the Tribe of the Sacred Serpent which they said originated in the swamp to the south. They tracked the creature to an abandoned hostel where they fought a vampire-like creature called a Vrykolakas. Determining several among them to be infected with bubonic plague, the group camps the night in the Farming District

4 Vult, 998 – In the morning, Morwynn cured their diseases and they headed back to the Artisan District. On way back, they found a shadow and Silas tamed it. The group refuses to allow Silas to have a shadow puppy. They headed back to the Merchant District and went back to Cam‘s Grave to retrieve the cleric’s body. Unfortunately, things did not go well, again, and Silas is killed. Furtunately, his body is retrieved.

Our day was not a complete waste. We spent the day in the Merchant’s District, and learned that by sprinkling the steps of the ziggurat with powdered gemstones and having a priest associated with wealth or trade channel divine energy into the spear at the top of the pyramid, the spire could be activated, making appraising and artifact identification easier.

5 Vult, 998 – The Adjunct Faculty returned to Tribe of the Sacred Serpent to discover the attacks haven’t stopped. Osond, unable to raise Silas in his own body, reincarnated him as into the body of a ratkin. Heads back to Farming District, they track down the resting place of the Vrykolakas and kill it. To make sure it doesn’t come back, they stay in the hostel where it laired.

And we decide to turn on the Spear of Wealth.

6-7 Vult, 998 – As the Vrykolakas did not rise again, the Adjunct Faculty returned to camp. Silas teleported to Farshore and purchased a scroll of greater restoration to heal the spiritual damage of being reincarnated.

The Journals of Silas Velbur - Savinth-Yhi
22-28 Aryth, 998

Aryth 22nd Waking up this morning I was hoping to find that yesterday was just a nightmare, but unfortunately it wasn’t. After talking as a group we have decided that Summer is welcome to join us if she wants to. We have also decided to head back to the Charau-ka settlement and check for the missing Gem [sic] as well as Iouan’s body.

The tar pits are still burning when we get to the Charau-ka’s tree house. An’Atl is able to put some of the fires out with a well placed spell. As we wander through the area we find Iouan’s body and take his belongings to redistribute among the group. Much of them are no good his Wayfinder included. The fumes in this area, from the burning tar pits, were extremely bad and a few of us were having difficult time breathing even to the point that we became ill. We continued to search through the area though hoping that the Charau-ka had left as quickly as we did and left their things behind. We found something in an area that looks to be some kind of shrine to a snake god. The wall of the shrine has a mosaic of sorts with hundreds of bones being used to make a large skeletal serpent; the bones are “tarred” to the wall as well as a large Moonstone that is in the place of the serpents eyes. The Moonstone has a magical aura around it as do a couple of golden lion statues; after I take a couple minutes to look at them I realize that they are Figurines of Wondrous Power. There was also some other treasure there; some gems, and ivory figures as well as some decorative metal statues everything is worth about 1500gp in our estimation! River seems to be good at determining non –magical items values!

With the last magical gem in hand we head back towards the ziggurat and the garden on the north side of it. We are cautious as we enter the garden not knowing if the spell casting serpentfolk is lying in wait for us. We place the gems into each corresponding idol one at a time. As we placed the a gem into an idols hands they spoke:

Black Idol – “Away from the guiding star all things are swallowed”
White Idol – “Fix your eyes to the light of heaven and you shall not be lost”
Silver Idol – “Where warmth is gone often a light still shines”
Yellow Idol – “Where night is banished I ride in triumphant glory”

As we placed the amber gem into the idols hand we heard a loud gong sound that we are sure everything in Tazion also heard. With that we decide to make our way to the second level of the ziggurat where the force cube was yesterday, hoping that it was now open. As we rush past the bronze doors that wouldn’t open yesterday we realize that they are now open. This rooms dimensions are obviously magically enhanced since there is no way that this 40 foot high by 60 foot wide and 60 foot deep room should fit into the this ziggurat let alone a small part of it. A stairway climbs clockwise around the room at a steep angle. Eight pillars rise from the center of the room to a height of 40’. At the top of the stairs stands a pedestal with a plaque of the same goldish/copperish metal as the doors, with a sextant, a woman, a blindfold and a flame engraved on it. On a dais on the south wall stands a statue of Savith standing on the severed head of the snake god Ydersius. In the stone at her feet are 4 circular depressions carved with the symbols for Star, Moon, Dark between the Stars, and Sun. Krylyk, An’Atl and I all make for the top of the staircase to check out the pedestal. Once we make our way halfway up the stairs the bronze doors slam behind us and we are now trapped and need to find our way out. Three sections of the walls with staircases on them started moving forcing anyone on the side off of the staircase, however Cam noticed that theses 5 foot sections of walls that move out are hollow with disks in them. A few seconds later those sections moved back to where they belonged and three other sections slid out. We realized that the disks would fit into the depressions on the dais and started trying to grab them. About every 5 or 6 seconds the wall sections would move again with different ones opening and closing. After about a minute of this happening over and over again, cam heard a hissing noise which we then realize was a poisons gas being released into the room, which made us pick up the pace at trying to find the right disks. Slowly but surely we emptied out all of the different areas behind the walls to find 30 different disks all which had different designs on them we were able to match the four we needed to the correct depressions. Once we had the disks in the statue of Saveth [sic] turned to reveal a portal that we all went through leading us to the “map room”.

We entered the “map room” from there. In this room there is a circular pool of silvery liquid standing at the center of this room under a domed ceiling decorated with crystalline patterns. At either end, passages open to the building’s exterior. Four elaborately carved columns stand in the passageways, one to the north one east, one south and one west. The ceiling represents the night sky and the constellations shown are slightly distorted from today. The four columns are decorated with arcane symbols for Sun, Moon, Stars and Dark between the Stars. Remembering the message that Shivayne had given us we quickly put the gems in the correct pillar, and with that the silvery liquid started to shimmer and it took on the characteristics of a topographical map of the area showing us a river that flowed through a wall in caldron [sic; caldera?] of an old volcano not far from here to the north. The river then opens up into a lake that is surrounded by crumbling vine choked buildings!!! Saventh-Yhi!!! We now know where it is and must make our way there.

We start off immediately and make our way to the river north of Tazion. I take the time to use the sending that SGBW had given us to let her and the rest of the expedition know where we are heading and that they can skip stopping at Tazion totally. We received a reply back telling us that they were only about three days behind and that we should find a good place to create a camp when we get to Saventh-Yhi and to make sure and clear a good path for them.

We travel along the river heading north for the remainder of the day until it is time to stop and camp for the night.

Aryth 23rd- As soon as we wake up today we break camp and continue to head north along the river halfway through the day we encounter a mated pair of small golden furred eight legged creatures. They are extremely aggressive and dangerous!! Poor Garonne was ripped to shreds by one of them! For such small creatures they definitely were one of our tougher challenges of late. An’Atl tells me that they are called Aurumvorax. Luckily for us the rest of us survived but An’Atl, Cam and River were all in bad condition. We did find their den and a baby Aurumvorax as well, whichAn’Atl tells us would make them even more aggressive trying to protect it. There was nothing else of interest in the den so we did the best we could to bandage ourselves up and move on taking all of Garonne’s stuff with us. Tonight I spent some time reviewing Garonne’s journal. His journal is pretty close to what mine is like with a couple of exceptions; He was impressed with how we dealt with the Rakasta tribe and the way we hunted down the two dire lions, he found it interesting and shocking at how An’Atl treats the dead, he was shocked at how we dealt with the Charau-ka in Tazion mentioning the [[Morgrave University] deals with many “typically violent” civilizations and that they should always be dealt with diplomatically at first. He was also very wary of Cam’s brutality, and savageness, and would prefer the group to try and be more diplomatic. He did commend our ability to solve problems and puzzles, with our intellect and ingenuity.

Aryth 24- After an uninterrupted night’s sleep we start heading north again. Before noon we see a group of humanoids heading towards us, and as we get closer to them notice that they are monkey like men somewhat taller than the Charau-ka. They are Venara [sic] a peaceful race of monkey men thankfully I had read Garonne’s journal last night and convinced the group that we should try and be diplomatic with them. We talked for a bit and they told us that they were pilgrims heading home from a pilgrimage. When they saw that some of us were wounded their leader actually stepped forward and healed Cam, An’Atl, and River. We left them before noon thanking them and warning them of the Charau-ka back at Tazion. The rest of the day was uneventful.

Aryth 25- Today should be the day we discover Saventh-Yhi!!! According to our calculations we should be there by midday.

It is just passed midday and we made it!! What a beautiful site it is, just like the shimmering pool suggested!! We entered by the waterfall on the edge of the crater the bowl itself is still extremely heavily covered by the jungle and the river continued right through it. We found a point where the river forked and we followed the southwestern fork only to realize that about 1500 feet downstream the two forks joined back up together making a decent size island between them. We take the time to explore the island and see that it is nothing special but could be a good location to make camp. Where the two forks meet back up we get our first real view of Saventh-Yhi. It is so much bigger than I thought possible!! It is easily a mile wide at some parts and at least a mile and a half long!! Oh to thank [sic] of everything that we will be able to learn by exploring this fabulous city!! One thing that we notice fairly quickly though is that we are not the only living creatures here!! There are numerous Pteranodons flying over the city and many humanoid looking creatures throughout the city. I also notice on the midway down the west side of the city a group of Chimera! I have only seen pictures and read about them I really want to get a closer look at them!!

Aryth 25 Evening- We proceeded into Saventh-Yhi for a little bit of exploration. There are two ways in from what we could tell one way was by using a rickety looking rope bridge which we decided to not use not only because I didn’t like the thought of falling into the river below but there seemed to be some Pteranodons that wear watching it closely. The second route was crossing the river below on little more than wood planks that were laid across to slippery looking rocks, which was being watched by a family of crocodiles. After crossing the planks, we continued deeper into the ruins. This area is definitely uninhabited by any creatures (save the Crocks [sic], & Pteranodons) that we saw near the bridge. There are many ruined building here as well as a couple of sink holes filled with water.

We decided to look into one of the areas with the sink holes, which were near some building that radiated necromantic magic. As we neared the area we started to see a swarm of undead army ants crawl out of the walls. Remembering the living Army Ant swarms that we had dealt with before we thought it might be best to wait for morning to deal with this. Until one of my companions noticed, what they described as a satchel a little bit farther into the ruins. With that knowledge Cam decided to dimension door himself in where it was described the satchel was grab it and run back out. He tried to at least. Once he Bamfed sic_] in to the ruins, he couldn’t see the satchel and the ants started forming up again, not to mention the ghostly Half-Orc that appeared and started screaming it mine I found it [_sic; Note “It’s mine! I found it!”]. We decided then to go find a safe place to camp and come back tomorrow.

Aryth 26- Woke up today and found a place to set up camp for our entire expedition, on the northeastern edge of Saventh-Yhi. We decided that it was important to be in some of the ruins that were separate from the main ruins but still close enough to water to make sure we could stay supplied. The Group took most of the day to set up camp. I spent the day scribing some scrolls that I thought might be necessary for the upcoming exploration, while Krylyk took some time to set up some traps around the perimeter of the camp. As the day was coming to an end, we noticed our old acquaintance Lirith walking towards us from out of the jungle. She told us Shivayne wanted to invite us for dinner this evening, and we decided to take them up on it.

The House Thuranni’s Camp is not that far from ours; however they decided to make their camp deeper into the jungle so it might be harder to find if you didn’t know what to look for. We enjoyed a decent meal while Shivayne told us what they had discovered so far. They have been here for a couple of days. They told us the area directly east of where we encountered the Ghost swarm was swarming with Charau-ka, and Girallon, and that the area to the south of that had troglodyte’s, and they think they may also have found Saventh’s Tomb!! She informs us that they were going to try and initiate contact with the Trog’s tomorrow and try and set up an alliance with them! She asked if we had found anything interesting and we could honestly say no. (I realize that keeping anything from her is not in our best interests as Summer is one of her colleagues). After dinner we headed back to our camp and rested there.

  • Aryth 27-* When we woke up today we realized that our main expedition should be arriving today. An’Atl went up and talked with the Pteranodons and convinced them that there was a better food supply on the other side of the lake, after he accomplished that he waited for the main expedition and then led them down to where we set up camp. SGBW was just as excited as I was and couldn’t wait to start exploring the city but we explained to her it might be best if we waited until tomorrow for her and her group to start doing that. SGBW did introduce us to Kreighton, an Elven Wizard and Keegensic;Note: Keegan], a Dwarven Cleric that are members of Morgrave University.

We did go and check out the area with the ghostly Half-Orc. I cast fly on myself and decided it may be best to go in myself, thinking that the Swarms couldn’t hurt me if I was flying and knowing that I have a couple of ways dealing with the undead that might be effective. The rest of the group set up and were ready to attack. Somehow, we managed this encounter without actually having to fight!! The Hal-Orc sic;Note:half-orc] was a member of an expedition sent by Morgrave University nearly 200 years ago. His name is Nareen Dares, and while he was definitely not the friendliest of individuals I have ever met I was able to tell him that we are working for the same employer and that we would be more than happy to let him be the original discoverer of Saventh-Yhi. With that we agreed to do everything we could to help him get the credit if he helped us keep other groups away as best as he could. He allowed us to take his old satchel and gear which consisted of; 1 heavy Mithral Shield, 3 Mithral spearheads, an Ivory Coffer depicting Olman’s fighting Serpentfolk containing Gems and coins (gems are worth 460gp, 170gp, 476sp, 276cp) a Journal, and a magic ring (which I later identified as a ring of Seven Virtues).

We returned to the camp and told SGBW’s about this and she has agreed to help Nareen get the credit he is due, even after he turned on his group.

Aryth 28- We started out today with An’Atl and myself flying over the ruins to get a feel for everything that is here in the city. We see many things of interest; the ruins are divided up into seven distinct districts.

The first of which is on the northern shores of the lake. Shivayne, was right with the large amounts of Charau-ka on the there, the ziggurat in that district has an interesting statue erected on the top of it of a horned, bat-winged gorilla. There is also a large marble statue of a Cyclops, holding a huge sword and staring into the jungle to the east, as if he is defending the area from something in that direction.

The second district is an island in the middle of the lake with only one functioning bridge leading to it (there are 3 other bridges that are in extremely poor shape). The ziggurat in this district had 50 or more serpentfolk on it with 8 large serpent folk guarding the top of it and a “humanoid” in a cobra hooded robe sic;Note: cobra-headed humanoid] addressing them all. The rest of the district had more serpent folk and zombies throughout it

The third district lies on the eastern side of the lake. Its ziggurat has trees growing on it and there are small humanoids on it, as we fly down to get a better look we see that they are Vegepygmies!! Out in front of the ziggurat there is a large plaza with moss and plants growing all over the paving stones. There is a wide flight of stairs leading underground but it appears to be filled with fungus and mold as well as stings of what could be silk crisscross the area in a web of color. (An’Atl saw something here but it isn’t in my notes)

The fourth district barely touches the lake and is on the south east side. Its ziggurat is decorated with images of giant mantis destroying various cities and killing many different humanoid cultures. We do spy a lone troglodyte riding a dinoncychus the size of a horse near here. There was another plaza in this district that was decorated with 90’ high stone pillars each of which is carved with complex religious images, but it is covered with vines and thick overgrowth so I couldn’t make out much. (An’Atl saw something here but it isn’t in my notes) there was also a golden domed building with magnificent towers all around it, as a fortress on the far eastern side of the district. Not to mention a large complex surrounded by a 30’ high stone wall where a Camulatz sic;Camalutz has created a nest, lucky for both of us we were able to get out of there before it could catch us!!

The fifth district sits at the southern most part of the lake; this district looks to be mostly lost to flooding and mudslides. The main ziggurat has carvings of humans working in fields and tending to livestock. There is a small mud and reed hut on the uppermost tier of it. There is a second ziggurat that is protruding out of some of the flood waters, it is covered in algae as is the lake surrounding it.

The sixth district lies on the south western part of the lake and has what looks to be an extremely wide road leading from the lake that turns into a long stairway with pristine gardens on each side of the stairs. There are statues of humans along the roadway and there are humans tending the gardens! The roadway leads to a group of three large truncated pyramidal structures on each side of the road with humans tending to daily chores in the area (cooking, crafting, ect…). The road continues right up to the ziggurat which is covered with carvings of humans and a beautiful woman with angel wings and a snake tail working together creating works of art. Behind the ziggurat is a large plaza surrounded by a 10’ high stone wall with many lifelike statues standing along the inside of the wall looking like a crowd watching something. (An’Atl saw something here but it isn’t in my notes) the last place of interest in this district is a forty foot tall statue of Saventh triumphantly holding the snake head of Ydersius in one hand and her curved blade in the other.

The last district seems to have no organized inhabitants. The ziggurat has images of carved treasure on it, and it has a large sinkhole along the southwest edge of it. There is also a pool with a small island in it that seems to be the home of a rather large reptile. A building that is low but is surrounded by sharpened stakes with impaled simian skulls and full skeletons hanging on the walls outside of the building. A building that is somewhat submerged in the water of the lake that seems to be muted in color compared to everything else in the area, and lastly we were able to find where we thank the Chimera are nesting.

After we discussed everything we saw de sic:Note: we] decided to head south from our camp and check out the last district. SGBW takes a group out to explore as well and finds some small trinkets but stayed close to the camp. Keegen took a small group to collect supplies for the day while Kreighton stayed in camp with a group to defend it if need be.

We decided to head to the area with the skeletons and simian skulls on sticks first. As we traveled towards our destination we were able to discern that this district looks like it was the economic district with many different merchant houses and banks in the area. We were able to make it there no real problem and as we started checking it out we attacked by a group of Kech. They put up quiet the fight and by the time we were done we had killed over 30 of them and I had used most of my scrolls that I had created just two days earlier. We were in fairly good shape after the combat and decided to check out their building. We found the following in their lair: A potion (Protection from arrows), a wand of charm animals, some ointment (that is magical, which I still need to identify) a bronze armband, a crystal decanter, a black jade idol of a bloated frog demon, a silver medallion depicting a discus thrower worth, 76 gp, 405 sp, and 858 cp.

After fighting the Kechs we decide to head back towards the encampment but take a quick detour to where we saw the large reptile in the pool close to our camp. This encounter was considerably more difficult than the Kechs were as Tonk was swallowed whole and most of the group took damage. Tonk was able to fight his way back out from the inside of the beast and we killed it. We searched the area and found a flawed Lavender Ellipse Ioun Stone. From there we return to camp with enough crocodile meat and hide to make pouches for everyone and feed us a couple days. We also find out that the camp was attacked by an extremely large crocodile. We ate all together as a group and shared what we discovered today. SGBW had very little to report. I tried to talk to Kreighton about possibly sharing spells with one another but he did not seem to be too interested in that, I will have to work on a friendship with him that will show him I am not just a power hungry young upstart.


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