Lem the Stealthy

Now you See Me, Now you Don’t (but most often you don’t)


Core Concept: Now you See Me, Now you Don’t (but most often you don’t)
Trouble: Don’t even Trust My Friends
Story : Best Buddies with a Pteranodon


One day, Lem scared off some boggards that were skulking around the pteranodon ropost. But in doing so, she riled up the pteranodons. One of them got scared and started to fly off. She quickly grabbed onto one of his talons as he was taking off, climbed up onto his back and in the process tickled him into forgetting what had scared him in the first place. And that’s how Lem became best friends with a pteranodon.

What Lem didn’t realize was that Garion had been following her to make sure she didn’t get into trouble. As she was tickling one pteranodon, another was gettingr eady to eat her. Garrion cast a calming spell and narrowly saved Lem from losing an arm. Seeing Lem was no longer in harms way, Garrion headed back to camp with Lem still oblivious to her narrow escape.

Jelpair had riled up the pteranodons a few days earlier while testing his XS-2961 Fast Food Delivery System. The boggards had been drawn by the food scattered around the roost (the pteranodons were not interested in it) and the damage to the roost had allowed them to hide easily. However, when Lem found them, they were slightly off, feeling rather sick from the food they had eaten.

Lem the Stealthy

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