Military Half-Breed Sharpshooter


Core Concept: Military Half-Breed Sharpshooter
Trouble: Untrusting of Strangers, Loyal to Brothers
Story: Don’t Ever Tell Me The Odds


Krylyk’s human mother raped by an orc from a raiding group near the town of Tamrivena on the border of Breland and Droam. His mother was treated as a pariah because she chose to keep Krylyk and raise him. Krylyk never accepted by the townsfolk and especially not by the human children he grew up with (suspicious of strangers and expect the worst of them) or (untrusting) His mother died when he was 14. He left Tamrivena and headed to Sharn to join the Brelish army. Enlisted and learned all fighting styles but showed an aptitude for archery. Found that even though his ancestry didn’t endear him to his fellow soldiers, his skill and work ethic helped him rise through the ranks (something to prove). Was put in a special ops group of soldiers, each with specific and deadly skills, where he finally found friendship and brotherhood (never leave a friend behind) or (brothers in arms are brothers in death). His team was sent on many difficult missions, but on one particular mission they were given bad intel and were ambushed. Krylyk was the only one to survive. Krylyk was so heartbroken that he left the army and became a mercenary, promising himself that he’d never get close to anyone ever again.

After Cam was killed by the shadows, the group attemopted to go back and retrieve his body and belongings. That failed miserably as Silus was killed in the attempt. After bringing Silus’ body back to camp to be reincarnated, Krylyk set out alone to retrieve Cam’s remains despite the overwhelming odds against him. [Aspect: Never tell me the odds]

Jelpair attached a special device to Krylyk’s bow (a psitronically charged planar focussing lens, patent pending) in order to help him on his quest. Jelpair wanted to continue tuning the device — it would take six days — but Krylyk did not wait that long.

Understanding Krylyk’s need for closure in his friendship with Cam, but not wanting to interfere with Krylyk’s mission, Garrion offered to morph into an elasmosaurus and give Krylyk a ride out to the partially sunken ziggurat and giv ehim (and Cam’s body) a rid eback to shore should he succeed.


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