Jelpair Stubblebink

Pseudo-scientific Gobbledegook


Core Concept: Pseudo-scientific Gobbledegook
Trouble: Ocham Who?
Story: Goly Griminy Would Approve


Goly Griminy Would Approve

“A large explosion destroyed the workshop of inventor JQWL Stubblebink this morning. Mr. Stubblebink was conducting an experiment that had gone wrong a week earlier, that had resulted in the destruction of his workshop and the clothes he was wearing. “What went wrong?” he asked. “Nothing went wrong! The experiment went exactly as planned, verifying the results of last week’s experiment!” Mr. Stubblebink was then instructed by city guards to go find some clothing as they attempted to put out the fire."

What Mr. Stubblebink didn’t know was that Lem, who had been watching studiously from her hiding place in his workshop, was taking mental notes on his experiment. When she realized that Mr. Stubblebink was repeating his experiment from the previous week exactly, she knew that if she didn’t drop her thunderstone at the exact same point as she accidentally dropped one last time, the experiment wouldn’t work.

After an all night bender, Krylyk left the tavern and mistakenly stumbled into Mr Stubblebink’s workshop. Noticing the full beakers on the table, Krylyk thought he hit the jackpot. Hair of the dog, don’t you know. After ingesting two beakers full of who-knows-what, Krylyk got violently ill, realized where he was and panicked. He found some random liquids on the floor, filled the beakers back up, and quickly exited the premises. When he heard that the workshop had blown up later that day, he knew he was responsible.

Jelpair Stubblebink

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