Garrion Aerthvarden

formerly a human, this gnome druid tents to spend time as an earth elemental


How to Cook Poisonous Cannibal Frogs

Garrion smelled something rancid. He tracked the scent to the dead froghemoth’s body and noticed there were several small, brightly-colored frogs feeding on the carcass. Garrion had heard about these frogs before, but never seen them. He had heard that if you cook them so their skin is crispy, they are quite delicious and give you a nice buzz.

He caught a bunch of them and started experimenting. After a few failures, and poisoning myself in a couple different ways_, he figured it out. He also found that their skin, when cooked correctly) serves as an antidote tothe effects of the poison.

Of note, the bright blue ones are the most flavorful, but give a minimal buzz, like alcohol. The bright red ones taste rather spicy, and giv ethe best buzz. The black, green and yellow ones are somewhere in between. Need to get someone elses opinion on what kind of ale to pair with them. [Aspect: Experimental Foodie]

Krylyk, being quite the ale consumer, helped Garrion pair the frogs. Blue with a coffee porter, red with a honey mead and black, green and yellow with a smoked mable amber.

Lem saw Krylyk and Garrion pigging out on the frogs and ale. She couldn’t help but notice that while Krylyk seemed to be holding up ok, Garrion was getting drunker by the minute. She quietly snuck under their table and tied his bootlaces together, set a cute little mouse down next to his chair, then quickly but quietly snuck off to the save spot to watch the show.

Garrion Aerthvarden

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