Serpent Skull

The Betrayer's Tongue

  • fight 2 serpentfolk and the trator Urdefhan, Belkor
  • decide to leave and rest up
  • while riding on the back of Garrion the Elasmosaurus, they see something approaching in the water. Abandoning the dinosaur boat ride for flying, Garion is eaten buy the giant sea serpent; Ydersius Thalasic Daughter. Jelpair disintegrates most of the creature, allowing Garrion to shapeshift into n ankylosaurus and burst out of the creature’s gut.
  • regrouping on shore, the group makes their way by foot along the fungus forest, spotting many dangerous varieties of molds and fungus, as well as 20’ tall giants with split forearms. Decide to avoid.
  • camp in some ruins, camouflaged with giant mushrooms. Eventful night has a troupe of Morlocks arrive as well as a Vermlek, both of which do not notice the party and go about their business.
  • Get back to Izon’s palace. Give him the gear. Barter for a ring of protection.



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