Serpent Skull

In the Dungeon of the Serpent Warriors

  • ambush a patrol
  • set off alarm
  • hide in rope trick, patrols of 9 yuan-ti pass by every half hour or so
  • Garion scouts out entire fortress withing the walls as an earth elemental
  • hole up in a rope trick in a storage room. Rest.
  • decide to teleport down to the natural cavern where the warded area is.
  • do so, and pretty quickly kill 8 guards, after sealing stairs up with a wall of stone.
  • Garrion gets lost in a wall
  • explore further, hear cries of pain and smell burning flesh.
  • Lem sneaks up to a partially opened door and see who she thinks is Kline strapped down to a rack, bleeding, his flesh burned.
  • Lem opens the door a bit more to get a better view of the room and gets hit by something she cannot see.



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