Serpent Skull

Down the Gullet

the trouble with thaumatergists...

  • move down the throat
  • discover an abandoned priest’s quarters
  • find some magical incense, unholy water and a set of illumined scrolls, but cannot read them
  • further down the passage are a bed chamber and a guardpost.
  • fight ensues with guards, but they are taken down quickly
  • Enter the smaller room, personal quarters with a bed, desk and bookshelf
  • While they examine the room, Jelpair examines a magical book, and gets encased in magical amber
  • and then the bookshelf swings open revealing a secret door and a yuan-ti wizard.
  • fight ensues, tentacles erupt from the floor. Morley is held. Lem is made an unwilling recipient of half the yuan-ti’s wounds, pits opening, girallon bridges, army ant swarms, and then the yuan-ti disappeared



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